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Good Solid HT Receiver

A Review On: Yamaha RX-V673 Receiver

Yamaha RX-V673 Receiver

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Pros: ARC - Zone 2 - Airplay - YPAO

Cons: None yet

I am upgrading from a 10 year old sony str-db870. I am no audiophile but love my music and movies. This receiver does fill that void. For the price, it has a ton of great features that makes me question why I waited so long. I have it setup in a 14x16' family room with a vaulted ceiling and solid oak floors. For speakers, I am using Paradigm Atom, Mini and SE center. The Sub is a 12" powered Cerwin Vega. The back surrounds are Boston Acoustic and Outside (Zone 2) are Nile OS-10. There is plenty of power to really make these speakers sing. After 2 weeks this is my feedback.

YPAO - Very easy to setup and run. After config, noticed it was lacking overall bass. Went into the manual setup and had to change the speakers settings to small and raise the sub output from -8.0db to +3.0db. It basically muted my sub.

Network - I bought a Netgear WNCE2001 wireless adapter for $30 and it works great. Took a bit to get it to recognize my router but has been solid since. Internet Radio is awesome. You can Bookmark stations through a web browser and than you have a custom playlist. AIRPLAY is flawless. I sit on my patio and stream my music from the iphone to Zone 2. That is priceless!

ARC - works great with my Sharp LC-52LE640U. It turns on and controls the TV. Also the built in WiFi on the set has netflix and it also works great. No need for an optical cable.

Zone 2 - The easiest setup I have seen yet. Turn zone on and set input. Thats it. From the iphone can access most of the important features. Now my kids can watch a movie inside while I listen to music by the pool. The Niles speakers really sound impressive even with internet radio playing.

Dialogue Lift - another great feature for those times when they talk real soft in a movie. Just turn it up a few notches and no more struggling to here the dialogue.

Overall, I must say this is a big step up from what i had. You will not be disappointed.

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I have the 573 which is very similar and I love it. Tweaking the individual speakers with a custom EQ and output levels also was key to getting everything on my system set perfectly to my room.

I networked mine directly to my router and the internet radio sounds great with the Yammy's sound enhancer. Doesn't sound compressed at all on the stations I listen to.
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