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The features and functions make this AV Receiver a real value!

A Review On: Yamaha RX-V673 Receiver

Yamaha RX-V673 Receiver

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Pros: Dual subwoofer outputs, lots of HDMI inputs, 'Net Radio, Pandora, Airplay, CEC, remote is universal, lots of power for most home theaters

Cons: Setup could be easier, banana plugs missing for Front Height Speakers

The design of the RX-V673 is sleek yet understated. No spouse should complain no matter where it's placed.

The display window on the receiver provides the user with almost anything the user wants to know, and with the press of a button on the remote it can be displayed on screen.

The hand-held remote can be programmed to control most TVs, BD players and other electronic devices, too. The receiver's remote can be also easily programmed to control most set top boxes, which means the Yamaha remote acts as a universal remote for most electronic components, a cost-saving factor.

The receiver includes Airplay, a Radio tuner (but no digital radio), and 'Net options to retrieve and play music from PCs, tablets, servers, the Internet, etc.

The user can easily configure the receiver to power up a device, select the sound mode, volume level, etc., all with a single press of a "Scene" button.

For both the neophyte and the audiophile, configuring speakers is as simple as connecting the included microphone to the receiver, pressing a button on the remote, and watching and listening as the receiver's software does its thing with virtually no input from the user, save the number of speakers to be configured.

There is only a single HDMI output. More and more receivers are including a second HDMI output, along with Digital radio and more HDMI inputs. But these receivers are usually a few hundred dollars more than the value-priced Yahama RX-V673. When all is considered, unless you must have it all, the Yamaha RX-V673 is a great AVR at a great price.


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AVS › Reviews › Receivers & Amplifiers › Component Receivers › Yamaha RX-V673 Receiver › Reviews › palavering's Review