Revel Highlights Concerta Subwoofer/Satellite Systems at CES 2017

Revel Concerta M8 Surround Sound Systems

Revel has a new wireless sub called the Concerta B8 and it is providing the foundation for several subwoofer/satellite systems featuring an updated version of the company’s Concerta M8 speakers. The company offers the speaker systems in a five-pack (with accessories) for $1500 or two-pack (with accessories) for $600. The M8s are made of aluminum and come in a high-gloss black, white, or red painted finish.

The Concerta B8 ($500) is a very compact 8″, 200-watt, down-firing wireless subwoofer. The B8 has LFE and stereo L/R RCA audio inputs plus level, phase, and bass boost controls. The sub is available in high gloss black or white, but not red. Each sub comes with a wireless transmitter that has four channels available. You can use multiple subs on the same channel using one transmitter, or run multiple subs using multiple transmitters and different channels.

“The M8 subwoofer satellite systems are all about sound quality and flexibility,” said Jim Garrett, director of marketing and product management, Harman. “The systems can be setup in a number of multi-channel configurations to perfectly address the needs of a discreet yet high performance music or home theater system.”

According to Revel, the combination of a Concerta M8 two-pack in a 2.1 system, or five-pack plus the B8 sub in a 5.1 system, results in the least-expensive entry point to the brand’s home theater offerings. Plus, by adding a two-pack to a five-pack you can get to 7.1. I did not get to demo this gear so I can’t speak to its performance. What I can say is the system looks to be decor and lifestyle-friendly.