Samsung AutoCal for QLED HDR TVs at CEDIA 2017

CalMan Best of CEDIA for AutoCal on Samsung QLED HDR TVs

We’ve all heard the tale of Paul Bunyan, the superhuman lumberjack who nonetheless could not compete with a mechanical saw. But what the myth does not tell you is how Mr. Bunyan could have been a game-changer in his industry had he wielded a chainsaw instead of an ax. And so it is that by adding AutoCal capability to its QLED TVs, Samsung has empowered calibrators by making once-tedious tasks a breeze. I’ve had the recent opportunity to use AutoCal both a 65″ Q9F and a 65″ Q8C and can personally vouch that it makes life a lot easier.

With AutoCal by CalMan, calibrators working on the latest Samsung TVs still have total manual control over the calibration session if they want it, but they gain numerous significant benefits versus using a remote control to perform the same task. For example, now that QLEDs have 20-point white balance controls, the speed benefit of using AutoCal to dial in a proper calibration is profound.

Even if you calibrate manually, DDC (Direct Display Control) lets pro calibrators work quickly and efficiently, bypassing menus that interfere with readings. Equally importantly, the time and frustration saved by eliminating the need to enter and exit the menu system can mean the difference between a calibration taking minutes and it taking hours.

SpectraCal Technical Liaison discusses the benefits of AutoCal for QLED at CEDIA 2017

Truly, the time savings and decrease in tedium offered by AutoCal are profound. And of the mjor TV brands sold in the U.S., only Samsung is offering it on its consumer displays. Moreover, for the casual calibrator there is an element of fool-proofing in letting the system handle a 20-point grayscale/white balance calibration as well as CMS adjustment while for pros is eliminates the need to perform tasks that are equally well served by automation, while preserving the ability to manually adjust parameters at will.

While the headline of this article states that AutoCal is for Samsung’s 2017 QLEDs, at CEDIA 2017 I learned that it works with other 2017 Samsung models. As long at the TV is a model that comes with a One Connect box that features a serial port, you will be able to use AutoCal with the TV.

When I used AutoCal on the Q9F and Q8C, I found that achieving a textbook SDR calibration was a cinch, and I appreciated how CalMan had explicit instructions on how to configure QLEDs for AutoCal. A benefit here is a competent technician working for a CI firm or a retailer should be able to deliver calibrations that are of completely consistent quality compared to their peers—and do so quite rapidly.

In coming weeks I will be revisiting the Samsung Q9F to demonstrate the effectiveness of AutoCal in a separate article. But for now, because of the countless hours it will save, and the myriad TVs on which it will tangibly improve picture quality, I award Samsung a Best of CEDIA 2017 award for best calibration solution, thanks to its support of CalMan’s AutoCal functionality.

AutoCal for compatible Samsung TVs is a game-changer when it comes to real-world availability and quality of pro calibrations. And make no mistake, this development is also awesome for hobbyists who like to perform their own calibrations. Way to go Samsung and SpectraCal!

CalMan Best of CEDIA for AutoCal on Samsung QLED HDR TVs
Here’s VP of business development at Portrait Displays, L.A Heberlein with the Best of CEDIA 2017 award.