Screen Research Re-Emerges at CEDIA 2017

screen research

I hadn’t seen Screen Research at CEDIA for the last couple of years, so I was a bit surprised to find the company’s booth on the show floor. The French screen maker was acquired by the Italian Adeo Group in 2011, and manufacturing was established at the Adeo Screen factory in Poland. Wanting to re-enter the North American market, Screen Research had a booth at CEDIA this year to show its latest products.

For me, the most interesting introduction was the ClearPix 4K woven acoustically transparent material. I’ve had a ClearPix2 screen for many years, but it isn’t ideal for 4K/UHD resolution. Like ClearPix2, ClearPix 4K exhibits a gain of 1.0, but it attenuates sound coming through it only half as much—0.75 dB versus 1.5 dB. And of course, the weave pattern is much finer to avoid visible artifacts with 4K/UHD images.

Also new at CEDIA was the X-Mask motorized screen-masking system, which is available in a variety of models. The XLR3 (seen in the photo above) provides lateral masks, and the T-XLR3 offers the same masking in a curved configuration. The XTR3 offers top and bottom masking, while the X4R3 provides 4-way masking. Other options include on-ceiling and in-ceiling retractable mounts as well as various flat and curved fixed-screen frames.

Of course, the masks are acoustically transparent, as is an optional black backing material that prevents light from passing through from behind the screen. I thought the masks looked more gray than black, but I was told that’s as black as they can make them. The masks are THX certified for acoustic transparency, as is the ClearPix 4K screen material itself.

As the owner of a Screen Research screen, I intend to follow this company as it re-enters the North American market. I was always very happy with the image I saw on the ClearPix2, so I have high hopes for the ClearPix 4K.