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Due to the problems associated with cable in my area I have pretty much decided to go the satellite way. I'm currently not doing the HDTV however that will most definitely be an issue in the next few months for me. Question is whether to go with Dish or DirectTV? If I go with DTV is it just easier to get the RCA DTC-100 or wait for a newer model with component access? Or is Dish the way to go, what is there support for HDTV at the current time? It appears that Dish has the better prices for programming. Any help would be appreciated.
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Any idea on when the 6000 receiver will be out?

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I would assum they will announce that at the las Vegas show this week.
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If you are waiting a few months for HDTV,the choice will probably be similar. Dish is coming out with their 6000 receiver that has an HDTV decoder built-in. I am sure(after learning from DTV's mistake) it will have component and other outputs.
So the choice just might be programming.
DTV has better exclusive sports packages and Dish seems to have better movie packages.
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