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Show me your...Carpet

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Well I am at that point where I am looking for Carpet for the theater. I have not had any luck finding something interesting at the normal big boxes or local dealers. I am hoping you can help me with some ideas and provide a nice consolidated thread for future lookers.

Pics would be appreciated. Also if you could list;

-Style Name
-Design #,
-online links

Personally, I am looking for something with a little woven pattern in the carpet, and/or color pattern as my walls are kinda plain.

Let us know why you made more carpet choice and your experience with it, such as comfort, feel, quality, value.

Thanks in advance for your responses.


Well I've been off shopping around a little and here are some samples I am currently pondering. Since my theater has a slight art deco theme to it, I am not so sure these are quite the style I am going for.

Manuf - Stanton/Royal Dutch
Style - Veronique

Manuf. - Couristan "Creations by Couristan"
Style - Celestial
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check out the Masland carpet home/office selection, some dark patterns.

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I went with a theater theme. You can find this type of carpet on most theater decor sites.
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I forget the mfg, but I know it was a real bear to install.
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Here's the carpet we decided to go with. "Miami" by Couristan. The store was having a sale, so we decided to bite early. Assumming we stay on schedule, I'm targeting an install between May 1st and May 15th.

I included the below shot to give everyone an idea of how it looks in a room. Repeat information if provided here as well in case anyone is interested.

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Just ordered this from Home Expo
in black. it looks better in person, thankfully.
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Anso nylon - bought from Direct Buy

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This is probably the best pic I have of the carpet.

Can't recall the Brand (I'll look for it if you're interested)
Design name is "Bear's Den"

Also from Direct Buy.

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There was another thread on carpets, I thought I'd grab the pictures and links, I redacted the comments to a minimum:


Originally Posted by pmeyer View Post

I need opinions. What carpet should I go for? I'm having real trouble deciding...
1) Home Theater carpet (Silver Screen):

Originally Posted by finishingtouchcu View Post

No regrets here.

Originally Posted by W00lly View Post

I say go to the carpet store look around and bring home some samples to look over.



Originally Posted by dc_pilgrim View Post

IndyGreg did something flower stalk-y:

I really like what Jamis picked:


And, my favorite is probably Biggie's:


Originally Posted by av noob View Post

I put in something a little funky. Here is a link http://www.expo.com/details.aspx?Pro...26507celestial

Originally Posted by pmeyer View Post

I also like the look of it in the Mahler theater. It's active, but it's muted and not distracting in those pictures. Here's the one I like best, a realistic entrance shot that doesn't focus on the carpet:

Originally Posted by pmeyer View Post

At this point I'll be happy with any of the following:
- Masland Quadrate (big mouth)
- Nourisan Cosmopolitan Celestial (star pattern linked here
- Couristan Marco Island (ne Miami), but I'll want to see it first.

Originally Posted by quicksilver02 View Post

I have the same carpet as Jamis. The room is 12'6" x 18'.

Originally Posted by BIGmouthinDC View Post

Originally Posted by Lamprey View Post

I ended up getting this:

But, the web sample makes it look pretty lame to me. It actually looks pretty cool in person.

Originally Posted by pmeyer View Post

I like the Marco Island:

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Dammit... I never get to post the pics of my carpet. You all beat me to it.
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Our basic HT with Brown ceiling/Green walls is kinda plain/dull, so I went with this Milliken Intermission Home Theater theme carpeting with some color in it.

I'll be using some of the color in the side wall acoustic panel(s), maybe Red on Blue, to make the room a little more visual.
Possible 3D acoustic panel "look" with color without going overboard.
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Mine: Not installed yet though.

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Originally Posted by shawnwalters View Post

Mine: Not installed yet though.

I'm looking at something like this as well; must be a popular choice. I showed it to my wife, to get her opinion, and she said she'd put it in any room of the house; how's that for WAF?

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It appears the consensus is more of a tight knit, Berber style carpet as opposed to more of a shag/normal longer carpet, why is that? Are they both equally soft? Is there a benefit to one over the other?
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Originally Posted by smakovits View Post

It appears the consensus is more of a tight knit, Berber style carpet as opposed to more of a shag/normal longer carpet, why is that? Are they both equally soft? Is there a benefit to one over the other?

I'd imagine that with the longer pile carpet you probably would not have as many options in terms of intricate patterns/designs. Plus, I'm not so sure they're all Berber type styles. The pics may distort the thickness.
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As long as the carpet matches the drapes, you'll be alright.
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Originally Posted by koach View Post

As long as the carpet matches the drapes, you'll be alright.

good point...

I just want the carpet soft and I need it to match the room.
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Originally Posted by koach View Post

As long as the carpet matches the drapes, you'll be alright.

That's nice.
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Carpet is by Royal Dutch Stanton
100% Wool
Pattern "Reflections"
Color "Bengal"

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Mine is a couristan carpet:

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Please note that the room is not 100% finished yet, I still need to do a lot of cleaning, paint touch up...etc. Also the camera flash may make the carpet look light gray in some shots (almost purple-ish), but the actual color/style is a patterned medium/dark gray. Here are some pictures of the dark gray patterned carpet I used from Lowe's. I went for the classic Red/Black theater look with dark gray carpet everywhere except stage where I used black carpet. I used GOM fabric through out the theater walls since I acoustically treated the room.

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This thread comes at a good time as I will be switching out the carpet in my HT in the near future. I really like the carpet that Jamis used in his HT. mm-hokie's is nice as well.
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HT not finished yet but I've been itching to post something in the 'show me' threads so this might as well be the first one .

Grand Elegance Adonis
Sapphire II
13'6" width

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Wow, there are some really cool designs here. My husband and I are planning on redoing the carpet in out theater room.

Thanks for the ideas...
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It took me quite a few visits to scrounge this information out, so I wanted to add it here for those of you looking at this "show me thread".

The two largest "print" carpet manufactures (which cover most of what you see on this page) are "Milliken" and "Stanton".

Here is the Milliken interactive showroom:

And here is the Stanton Carpet showroom:

That black carpet with gold vines is available from both manufacturesrs. I went with Milliken's "Corinthius" fabric. Pattern ins 508970. The color number for black is: 13000. I mention this because it's not in most showrooms, but is available direct from the manufacturer.

The equivalent product from Stanton is called the "Dominque", and it's part of the Earnest collection:

To give you an idea of the cost differences, the Milliken is nylon, the Stanton is olefin. Both come in 13' 6" wide carpets. For a 16' foot run like my room, here's how they compare in costs:
$920 for Milliken
$1400 for Stanton
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I did go to a bunch of carpet shops to look for carpet and I ended up picking just about the most expensive. I figured it was for just one room so why not. But it's very nice. Soft and thick. I actually bought it from a local company that doesn't have a show room. They come to your house and show you samples there. It doesn't have any problems wrapping around the lips I have for the stage and the riser which was a concern.

It's Shaw 19639 Exquisite Taste and the color is 00501 Raven.
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Thought I would throw mine out here:

The brand is Stanton and the name is Hickory.

Here's a link: http://www.stantoncarpet.com/Product...295&SKUID=1101

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Couristan Celestial, a lot more than I had budgeted for carpet, but we really liked it and love the way it came out. Two guys took 9 hrs to install it.

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My theater is far from finished but here is the carpet. The manufacturer is Joy Carpets, the pattern is Dottie, and the color is Sapphire.

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