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Scratch repair

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After only three weeks of owning a Samsung 4071, I managed to put a small scratch in the center of the LCD panel moving some things around the apartment. Although not overly big, the scratch is whitish in color and contrasts greatly against the dark black screen. Unfortunately, neither Samsung nor the retailer is willing to help.

I've found a few other sites with fixes, but they seemed questionable (candle wax?). Does anyone have a good suggestion (beyond getting it fixed as that costs more than the TV itself) or resources? I just want to make it less noticeable.

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A picture of the scratch would help in evaluating how extreme it is.

Is it noticeable when the TV is on also?
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This is the best picture I could get. The screen is fairly reflective. The scratch is about a half inch long and, as you can see, white against the black background.

It's most noticeable when the TV is off, but can be seen relatively clearly in darker scenes, particularly during the day.

Thanks for any tips!
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Whenever clear plastic turns white it means that there was enough mechanical stress to break some of the long polymer chains. You may be able to reduce the white area somewhat by applying heat until the scratch starts to clear. The heat actually causes some of the long molecules to connect back together.

Unfortunately if you apply too much heat the Liquid Crystals may be damaged, creating a bigger problem that you have. Decide yourself whether you want to take the risk, at best I think you may make the whitish area smaller without eliminating it.
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The only thing I can think of is using a Plastic Polish called NOVUS. Works on all plastics and makes then clear again.


Will it work on LCD screens? I don't know but you might want to contact them to verify.
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Gary - would running a hair dryer on low over it do the trick without being to hot? I'm worried about getting the liquid crystals to hot as well. Any thoughts on how monitor/prevent this?

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after just a week of owning my laptop I put a nice noticable scratch on my screen and I managed to buff it out with one of those jewelry polishing cloths. I just polished very gently until it was gone. If all else fails it may be worth it to you to go buy one and try it.
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Josh, I can't give you any advice on this. I have used a heat gun to restore scratched plastic but never an LCD panel. I just don't know.
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Thanks for the suggestions...I'll have to gauge whether or not I want to take the risk, but will post if I have any success. I did find that the Novus polish is not recommended for coated surfaces like displays.

Has anyone tried this product http://www.klearscreen.com/? They claim to be recommended by a number of companies (including Samsung), but I'm not sure if the product helps eliminate scratches (email response pending on my inquiry).

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My little seven year old niece put a 5" long fairly deep scratch on my LG 3D LED LCD tv today using a wire clothes hanger. The scratch is extremely noticeable when it's off and pretty visible when on. I purchased it at Walmart 1.5 years ago so it's out of warranty if that would even matter. I purchased an extended warranty from them but can't find the receipt.frown.gif

Is there anything on the market now that can fix this? With it being visible when on I imagine nothing could repair it. Could one have the screen replaced? Would it be expensive? I paid $800 for the 42" set by the way.

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