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Van Morrison - Moondance
Beatles - Abby Road
Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
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Rediscovery of the week (another $5 LP ):

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DJ Shadow - The Outsider
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an R.O.I.O of Genesis
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jack mcduff, 'magnetic feel'.

ca '75. 30? yr old homecooked cassette copied from lp, sounds ok thanks to nakamichi 600 and a little aphex.

ahhh, a cold beer will make it sound even better!

ooh, this album cooks!!
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Joe Jackson - "Look Sharp" on vinyl.
I used to play this album all day long...

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Got a bunch of stuff i'll be listening to this weekend....Fela, P. Floyd, Regina Spektor, Knopfler, Straits, NIN etc....Mostly vinyl though.

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So by Peter Gabriel
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Phil Collins - ...Hits

JJ Cale and Eric Clapton - Road to Escondido

Both on CD

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Lately, can't get enough of Rilo Kiley - Under The Blacklight

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Super Trouper by ABBA
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nine inch nails Ghosts 1-4, then RHCP Californication. Later today, Metallica Kill Em All reissued vinyl.
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Dream Theater - Octavarium
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Pirates of the Carribean soundtrack
Grieg - Pier Gynt
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I Robot by The Alan Parsons Project
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Tim Reynolds - "Stream"
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Flim & The BBs - Tricycle (my original "DDD" CD from the 80s)
Dire Straights - Brothers in Arms (again, original 80's CD)
Pink Floyd - Meddle (Vinyl)
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Today was a little Radiohead .... Tapes n Tapes .... Tokyo Police Club .... some Spoon .... and a little Modest Mouse thrown in for good measure.
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Actually Sunday morning:

Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tillerman & Teaser and the Firecat
Dean Martin - The Essential Dean Martin

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Duffy: Rockferry
John Mayer: All three studio albums
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The Smithereens - "Meet the Smithereens"
Album of Beatle tunes.

Some folks last evening thought it was a Beatle bootleg

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Bryan Ferry - Dylanesque
I don't think anyone does Dylan better....

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Forever Changes------------Love
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Giving "Broken Social Scene" a spin today
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Originally Posted by eljr View Post

Forever Changes------------Love

Excellent listen, one of my all time favorite bands. Their locking them up today, their throwing away the key. I wonder who it will be tomorrow you or me?
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Talking Heads _Sand in the Vaseline

Watched "Stop Making Sense" concert the night before last.

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Gentle Giant,I simply love this band.The Power And The Glory
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Talking Heads is great.I like Remain in Light.Stop Making Sense has a nice groove to it.
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Anybody listen to any metal here?I have been listening to Death alot lately,man I tell you Chuck Schuldiner was a phenomenal musician.
R.I.P Chuck.
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I'm in a 60's debut album/recordings mood today:

James Gang - Yer' Album

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - Safe as Milk (This fantastic band is not from this planet).

Van Morrison - Bang Masters
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