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Monk,Pettiford and Kenny Clarke.

When they recorded the session,Monk arrived in the studio with the sheet music under his arm,went straight to the piano and started playing through the music very slowly,note for note,
as if he was seeing the music for the first time.
Pettiford and Clarke went to the bar across the street and had a few.
After 3 hours Monk sent word that he was ready.
Pettiford and Clarke went back to the studio and they completed the whole album in less than an hour.
But total studio time: 4 hours.That meant double pay, as a session in those days were paid per 3 hours.
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Porcupine Tree - Transmission IV

Illuminated Side Of The Moon wink.gif
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Porcupine Tree - Coma Divine

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Klaatu 3:47 EST
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Porcupine Tree - Voyage 34

Riding the riff......
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Wo Fat - Psychedelonaut

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The Advancement

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One night, when Bud Powell was just making a name for himself,he was playing a gig at Birdland.
At that time Bud played mainly with his right hand,only sparsely using the left hand to lay down a chord here and there.
But everybody agreed that Bud was the new coming star.
Art Tatum walks into the club,listens to a couple of songs and when asked to sit in,he goes to the piano and plays the rest of the set marvelously, but only using his left hand.
Bud said "OK,I got the message'' and went home to practice.
This is my favorite Art Tatum album, recorded at a private party.
Tatum did not know that he was being recorded.
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dream theater - metropolis part 2: scenes from a memory
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led zeppelin - how the west was won - disc 1 **** loud ,i'll be back after the concert biggrin.gif
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Atlas - Bla Vardag

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Monster Magnet - Powertrip

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Algarnas Tradgard - Delayed

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Boz Scaggs, Come On Home. Really well recorded and mixed, by the way. This could be a good audiophile demo disc for blues fans.
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Jade-Warrior - Floating-World

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Karunesh - Zen Breakfast

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The drummer Clarence Becton was told me a story about Monk.
Clarence was on a 3 month tour with Monk. During the whole tour Monk did not say one word to nobody,not the band members nor ,the club owners,the audience,newspaper journalists....nobody.
On one gig late in the tour they came to San Francisco where Clarence had a very beautiful girlfriend who came to pick up Clarence after the show.She walked up to Monk and told that she loved his music,whereupon Monk started a completely normal friendly conversation with her that lasted more than an hour and with the whole band watching and listening in amazement...Monk is talking!
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King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King [DVD-A 5.1]

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Sound of Contact - Dimensionaut

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Skinny Puppy-Cleanse Fold & Manipulate

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lynyrd skynrd - one more from the road
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King Crimson - Epitath

D2 Fillmore West Dec 14 1969
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Jerry Cantrell - Boggy Depot (Alice in Chains guitarist/songwriter solo album)

This is a great, very overlooked album IMO.
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Barnaby Bright, Gravity! smile.gif
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Half Moon Run"
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Doomriders - Grand Blood

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