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Company to replace damaged HDMI port on a circuit board??

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I am sick to my stomach. I just tried replacing a HDMI cable on my old Philips plasma (50", model 50PF9956/37), and the HDMI will not work anymore. Closer inspection shows that all of the pins on one half of the port on the plasma are destroyed. Like I said, this is an older plasma, and only has 1 HDMI port.

With no fear of warranty voiding, I did manage to take the back off, and get the circuit board out of the unit. The solder pads are tiny Surface Mount Technology (SMT) style. No chance for me and my trusty soldering gun.

Does anyone know of anywhere like a circuit board repair house or something that could desolder the busted port, and resolder a new HDMI port for me?? I cant even find anywhere (Digikey, Mouser, etc.) that sells a solder-in HDMI port.

Any help would be appreciated,
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Before you do anything, check to see if the pads are still on the board. If they are not, you'll need to replace the board.

I hate surface mount connectors because you are using the solder joint (and smaller joint at that) to give you strength. You can rip the pads right off the board.

The SMT connector should to be taken off with a hot air rework tool. It basically blows hot air on the solder joints above the melting point of the solder (183 C or leaded and around 220 C for pb free).

The connector is then resoldered with a soldering iron. I'd call around the local (larger) TV repair shops and they may have them. If you live near a big city, a Circuit City repair depot may do this kind of work. These repair depots are not located at the local Circuit City's so don't go there.

I'd be real careful of anyone not taking the devices off with hot air as you can destroy the board very easily and then you are replacing the board.

Good luck.
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Yeah, the pads are still intact. Maybe i wasnt clear in my explanation. I smashed up the pins inside the HDMI connector. I took the back of the plasma off, and I have the board in my hand. I have not tried any method to remove the connector. Nor do I feel comfortable trying to do the rework myself.......I just need someone (or some company) who is real good with a SMT hot air rework station to perform the desolder/resolder on those 19 tiny little solder points.

Also, I have to source the replacement connector. The one on the board says "Tyco" on it. i havenet even started looking.

Anyone else??
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Hey FJ,

I know it's been awhile but were you able to get this repaired? I have a similar situation where the pins inside the HDMI connection broke off. I found the HDMI connector for my receiver (cost $16 shipped). Now, I'm looking for someone to remove the old connection and replace it with the one I'm going to buy (unless the person who does the replacement will charge about the same for the part).

I know it was a while ago but if you did get it fixed how much was it?

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