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Pan and Scan for Blu Ray Titles

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Hi guys, this is my first post so I hope you're not too harsh with me if I dont know what im talking about....

Im using Power DVD 7 Ultra to play back Blu Ray titles through my PC on a 22" widescreen monitor @ 1680x1050.

What Id like to know is whether or not there is anyway to zoom the image in slightly to minimize the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. As the monitor is not a 16x9 ratio (its 16x10) these black bars take up over a third of the screen so the movie is only using about 700 vertical pixels at most, not to mention how much the extra amount of black bars distract from the overall experience. I wouldnt be zooming in that much, it would be equivalent to a crop of 16x8 which is possible in most players for non HD material.

The powerdvd does have a pan-and-scan feature, but this is greyed out for all the BD titles as, according to the Cyberlink nonsense online, there is not an update available for this yet.

Is there any third party piece of software I could use to zoom in the BD movie as Im playing it? Or, if not, is there any other software suite I could be using which DOES have this feature enabled?

Thanks in advance!!
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Welcome, noorosha! You will find many helpful people here on AVS Forum. For your specific question, I do not know of a software solution, but I would doubt Pan&Scan for blu-ray is a likely feature. Videophiles tend to favor original aspect ratio (OAR) presentations, and that should be the norm on high-def media.

Perhaps your monitor has a function that allows you to zoom into an image?
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Normally, I would favour keeping the aspect ratio as true as possible, but in this case a fair amount of the picture is being used up by black bars, far more than would be on an LCD TV or projector. The only reason I ask is that I know ffdshow allows a free aspect zoom feature for slight tinkering, and was wondering if any such thing was available for HDCP material.

Compressed HD material, such as x.264 etc have no problem with simple cropping in players such as VLC or core media, and as my display is not exactly large, I would like to have as large a display area as possible, albeit with a slight compromise due to cropping.

I can stretch the image slightly to take up more of the screen, but this obviously makes everything on screen tall and skinny, and is not really acceptable.
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