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Rf Remote In Cabinet Components

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I am searching for a single rf remote to control an Onkyo TX-SR705 AV receiver, Panasonic DVDR, Digital HD Cable Box with DVR, Sirius Home Connect, VCR and future multi-cd player all installed in wood cabinet and Toshiba TV.
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Xantech has it's "Hidden Eye" product which is a package of a IR receiver, a IR hub, and an IR emitter.
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Thanks but I am a newbie.
I visited the site but I do not know what product I am looking for.
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I was using the Harmony 880 with Hot Link Pro and it worked admirably although not flawlesly.

I have moved the 880 and Hot Link Pro downstairs where that system is use less frequently and I am now using the Harmony 890 with RF extender in my living room upstairs. I have the extender plugged directly into my Pioneer VSX-92's IR port and then use emitters going to my Oppo 891, Comcast box, Sharp 42D64U and PS3 (via the Nyko Blu-wave). This setup only gets out-of-synk when the Comcast box is recording. The "Help" button on the remote is a wonderful thing.
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Appreciate the input.
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program the moto device to be on always.....it won't get out of sync unless you lose power that way

go to device, settings, power options to accomplish this
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I second the harmony idea. I have the 1000 lcd touchscreen which works great and definitely has a "cool" factor to boot. Its also ~$400 when you include the rf extender(it does not come with it for some reason).

If you like more "hard buttons" and cheaper with the same result the 890 rocks, and it comes with the RF extender. Once you load the software, it takes you through all your components and basically sets everything up it self. really easy to set up. it does all the macros for you.

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URC remote w/base station and emitters has worked flawlesly for me....IE mx 350 and mrf 300 base station.

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