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4x3 Screen - High Quality and Maybe Low Cost  

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There seems to be several happy people who have used a piece of 4 x 8 waterproof plastic sheet from Parkland Plastic to make 16 x 9 high quality screens at a very low cost. All the glory details can be found in this forum under the thread: HDTV Screen - High Quality and Very Low Cost. The bottom line though is that if you want an inexpensive screen that is of good quality and is washable this seems to be not a bad way to go.

The gotcha though is that these sheets of plastic are currently made no wider than 4 feet and us 4 x 3 projector owners typically want a screen taller than 4 feet. To see if there is a possibility that the manufacture would would consider making wider panels for us 4:3 projector owners, I called Steve Troyer today at Parkland Plastics. I explained that two popular screen sizes are 60 x 80 in and 72 x 96 in. and if Parkland made some wider panels to accommodate these screen sizes that folks from this forum may very well beat a path to his door.

Steve replied that they have received some inquiries for wider panels, and they might make a decision to make these wider panels sometime this week. Of course these panels would not be available in Home Depot, so they would have to be UPSed from the plant. I would think though that if Parkland kept the price reasonable, most people would not mind paying the shipping costs to get these inexpensive screens.

If you are interested in wider panels, I would strongly encourage you to call Steve yourself at (800) 835-4110 or email him at parksct@bnin.net and let him know what you are looking for. If Parkland can be convinced there is a market for the bigger panels, I am sure they will make them.
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I wonder if one could build a curved screen using this sheet? I've heard that curved screens are less vulnerable to stray light around the room. If it were combined with gray paint, you could have a fairly high gain high contrast screen.
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Good News!

I talked to Steve Troyer at Parkland Plastics on Friday afternoon and he says they are going to make Plas-Tek sheets in 5 x 8 panels this coming week and maybe 5 x 10 panels as well. Steve said they would have pricing by Wednesday.

Steve can be reached at (800) 835-4110 or at parksct@bnin.net
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In addition to the plastic sheets, which are not available at my HD here on the east coast, I have an alternative:

I just located some formica at Home Depot that I will try out as a screen for my LT150. It is WilsonArt White 1570-60 (60 is the matte finish which I will further take down with a 240 grit wet/dry DA [dual action] sander).

A 60" x 96" size is $1.75 a sq. ft. (may differ on location due to shipment costs) for a total of about $70. I think they go 72" wide as well.

The 1570 white is a "cool" off-white, between a light grey and white. It appears lt. grey next to the Designer White shade.

I like formica, have worked with it before, will mount it to an MDF substrate and 1x2 bracing frame.

Any thoughts prior to me ordering it?

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I am holding out for the plastic. Parkland will ship it to you. There sure is a lot of excitement at: HDTV Screen -- High Quality and a Very Low Cost

No sanding either!

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The plastic sheet idea looks good. Do they manuf. in different colors? Could they do a run with an added lt. grey color for anyone not wanting such gain? What is the gain off the plastic anyway? anyone measure that yet?

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They were thinking the gain was around 1.1-1.3. That is a guess but some said they think that is what it is around. Would that be to much gain for a LT155?
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