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Help setting up an Onkyo 800

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Hi, I picked up an Onkyo 800 last night to got with my Samsung 4264, Scientific Atlanta 8300HDC DVR, and Toshiba HD-A3, I ran all my speaker wire, plugged the components in via TOSLink fiber optic cable and HDMI. I ran the Microphone speaker setup, and all of my speakers worked properly, and the program ran correctly.

Where I'm running into trouble is that when I watch TV or a movie, I only seem to be hearing the center, FR, FL and subwoofer. I cant really hear any sound from any of the satellites. I've played with the surround modes a little bit, bit I don't really know what I'm doing/what I'm looking for. This is my first digital receiver (Analog guy) and I'm a bit stumped. If someone who knows this system could help me out, I'd appreciate it!
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(where you mostly hear 2.1)

put it on something loud-music, turn to surround mode ALL CHAN STEREO, see that sound comes from all the speakers.

if sound does NOT come from all speakers go in the menu and make sure your speaker config has them speakers turned on.

sit down in your chair and try to see if you can hear all the speakers the same - especially the surround ones - are they same loudness as the fronts? if not, turn them up in the levels. (you can also check this in the setup config menu, in levels, it goes thru each speaker, making a noise)
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It's actually an analog receiver (in the amp section) that happens to use digital connections. I have the previous model.

It sounds like everything is hooked up all right, and I'm guessing the problem is in the sources. A hard fact about surround sound is that the surrounds don't get much use in most TV shows and movies. Maybe a door opening here, a car going by there, some ambient sounds of rain or a restaurant. But mostly they'll stay silent because that's how the movies and shows are mixed. Most TV shows will be in stereo, and will need something like Dolby PrologicII or IIx to expand them, and even then there are limits. The HD channels may have some shows that are actually in Dolby Digital 5.1, but even then, not every scene is going to use the surrounds.

If you're using Dolby Digital and Dolby ProLogic IIx sound modes, or DTS and DTS Neo6, or any other recommended movie sound modes, you should hear the occasional sound. Try a truly "epic" movie with battle scenes or heavy action and see if that doesn't send sounds to the rears. Something like Master and Commander where the ship creaks will be sent all around.

The other possibility is that the microphone calibration set the surrounds a bit quiet and they could be bumped up a bit in volume, but I think it's mostly the sources.
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