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Pioneer VSX-D409S OPT2 Input Usage

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Brief descriptions:

* I have PS3 and TiVo HD boxes, both with digital optical outputs for audio
* Have Pioneer VSX-D409 - it has 2 digital optical inputs and 1 digital coax input
* If I plug either PS3 or TiVo into OPT1 port, and set input to DVD/LD on receiver, works great
* However, I cannot find any setting at all that lets me use either device plugged into the 2nd OPT2 optical input port.

The manual isn't really helpful to me unfortunately. It doesn't say anywhere in there that I can find how it maps the OPT1 or OPT2 ports to which device - e.g. VCR/DVR, TV/SAT, AUX, DVD, whatever. It says it automatically detects things, I guess there's a chance that the 2nd port is just not working - I've had the receiver for a few years, and never tried the second port, but thought I would check for help here since it's often helped me in the past!

Thanks in advance!
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Wow! I thought I was the last person to have one these receivers.

Check out page 20 and 21 in the manual. It explains how to set the Coax and Optical settings to the desired input setting.
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Thanks Country Joe - Amazing - I actually tried to read the manual, and apparently just couldn't find the right spot. Sure enough - figured out that OPT2 was turned off, set it to the right setting, and presto - much nicer sound

Thanks so much! Love this forum.
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What settings for PS3 do I use? I select Sound Settings> Audio Output Settings> Optical Cable> and it comes up asking to select an output format supported by the reciever (I have the same one) Pleas Help
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Hi I am trying to set up a HDTV to opt digital input "opt1" and I have set it to TV/Sat, I have also set the signal select to digital (from analog), but it won't work. Any advice? Thanks.
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