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ETA for Stewart Firehawk?????  

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This question is for Jason Turk and anyone else who may have any additional info. What is the proposed ETA for the new Stewart
Firehawk screen? I am planning on buying a Plus Piano in the next few months, and the new Firehawk sounds like a perfect screen for this little PJ. If anyone has any inside info, I would greatly appreicate it. Also, how will the price compare to the Grayhawk (same or higher)?
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I heard end of January.
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Thanks for the reply, Pete.
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Geese. End of Jan. makes this a tempting wait vs. buying a Grayhawk now.

I have a feeling this would really kick booty with my Sony 11HT on cinema mode, which is only 750 lumens, in a room with ambient light.
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From what I can gather from the intro articles here, the Firehawk is designed to increase black levels and light output from digital projectors (especially DLP). As far as I can tell from the info, I see no reason why it would not work with your 11HT.
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yeah, I too hear end of january - it should be shown first at the jan. show, shipping to dealers shortly thereafter...

for what it's worth i'm going to be using a cheapie pull down screen on loan from my dealer when my system gets set up next week...i'll be 1st on line at my dealer for the firehawk for when it ships.

also hear that pricing will be the same as for greyhawk but no promises.

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Yeah now I'm leaning towards the Firehawk, but I'm wondering if it does the as well for improving the contrast?
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I think the end of January was for Beta testers only. I don't think they will be widely available till later in the year.
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As far as I know, all front projection fabrics from Stewart are prices the same (with the exception of the Platinum 300). The Firehawk should not cost any more, if past practices hold true.


I don't know if I would recommend a Firehawk with an 11HT, you don't really need it. There should not be any difference in real contrast ratio when you switch to Cinema Black, sure the blacks get blacker, but the whites get proportionally dimmer. You would be better off going with a Greyhawk and using normal lamp brightness if you find the image too dim (you should not, though). The Greyhawk has a wider viewing angle than the Firehawk, so it would be better to go with that. The Greyhawk will perform well in ambient light, because it is a lower gain, but the Firehawk will be better at rejecting off-axis ambient light. The Firehawk will end up producing brighter blacks because of its higher gain, the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish with Cinema Black.


Kam Fung
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From what I've heard, the Firehawk will get the same blacks with a higher gain. The trade-off is viewing angle. Remember, there's more to gain than just the gray color vs. white. Thus the Firehawk.

I like the lower noise of cinema mode too.
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I would like to thanks everyone who posted a reply. This info should help in my decision of screen choice for the Plus Piano. If anyone has any additional info regarding the Firehawk in the near future, please post the info so new forum members like myself, can get up to par with the latest technology in FP systems.
I have only written a few posts so far, but most of them have returned very positive replies. Once again, thanks.
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If the reduced viewing angle is acceptable, then go for it! I think it will be a toss-up black level wise, I'll be really interested to see the beta test. The lower noise is definitely a plus.


Kam Fung
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Thanks for the input. I'm still 50/50 between the two screens. I suppose I'd have to see the Firehawk. Maybe Stewart will let me drop by and see the two.


- JB72
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I'm sure they would, I know many other forum members have made visits there. Just look at Jeff McNeel's (sp?) write-up on www.thebigpicturedvd.com

Who knows, they might have something like a 1/2 Greyhawk, 1/2 Firehawk and you can test your projector on it!


Kam Fung
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Just FYI, from widescreenreview.com... Stewart to demo FireHawk Jan 8th thru the 11 at CES in Vegas with a release date at the end of Jan.

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Hey Greggz,
I just got finished reading the news message from Widescreen
Review, and they stated that the release is for late January 2002.
From what was stated, this new material should be a vast improvement for single-chip DLPs (such as the new Piano, for which I started this post). I hope Stewart posts a report on the exact findings and results from the testing using a Plus Piano. It will be interesting to know how much the brightness is increased
(since it is only listed @ 450 ANSI lumens). I know quite a few people seem to be turned off this particular pj after seeing the lumen rating on the specs sheet, but all the reviews stated that with the proper set-up, the picture is wonderful. Now, think of what the new Firehawk can do for the overall brightness (for those of us who can not have a room that is completely without any light). I guess we will just have to grit our teeth and wait for the release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the input, and please feel free to post updated news as it happens.
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FYI, FireHawk info now up on the Stewart website

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