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Bar and Game Room Project

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Starting a new thread. I finally can post my pictures. We built our home about 3 years ago and left most of the basement for us to finish. We started by Dry locking the 2 walls. We also sealed the floor. We started the project last winter it was a slow process, but we did it all ourselves. It's a good thing my husband and I work well together. Here's where we started.

We started by wiring and plumbing. We brew our own beer so we wanted to have a seprate kitchen to brew. My husband likes to mark everything so all the stud, wiring, etc. any thing coming down the wall.

Ice maker plumbing

Didn't get the drywall in progess. We were learning as we went so it was was a big mess. Dust everywhere!!! The walls were a 4 step process. It was easy. You can also see the mess we had to work around. The ony this is if you mess up you cann't go back and correct it. You can see in the corner of this picture.

We painted the grids in the ceiling black to give it a little different look.

I painted the doors red and window frames black.

Painted the cabinets and you can get an idea of what the kitchen would be like. The back wall is wallpaper.

Dishwasher and stove in place somewhat. Getting ready to place the cabinets

This is the area between kitchen and bar. We had found some tiles and built this drop down box and mounted them to it. Painted the ceiling tiles and the grids black to define the space. We made a cedar beam to divide the bar from the game room we planned it and used horse shoeing nails to hold it up.

Spot lights were added to shine on the bar and tracklights for the back wall. TV and speaker outlets were place before drywalls which made thing alot easier.
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The floor is in and the platform for the cabinet and bar is in progress. The platform is over sized so the bar will have a foot rest.

The wooden rails were screwed down to the form and then the cabinets set over the rails and are screwed into place. It's not going anywhere.

All in a row.

You can see the foot rest, and it will be covered with the flooring.

Had some old doors the we retrieve from a house the we didn't know what to do with until this project came up. They fit so we painted them and used them. This is what we came up with.

Now for the top.

We used the flooring and made the drip tray and trimed it out. Ordered the bar rail and used pour on epoxy to give it the hard, shiney surface. It was very easy self leveling. Worked great!!

Had a old dishwasher rack and we put it in across from the dishwasher. Easy to empty. We also put locks on the cabinets to store adult beverages.
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Finished product. Husband was prior Coastie and now in the Navy Reserves. So you see some decor from that. The mirror was give to me by my brother who past away last year. He loved to see people having fun, now he gets to watch.
Now on to the game room.

The shuffle board table is on the back wall. My husband grew up in IL. and said they had one in every bar. I had never played one but it is great fun. Foozeball table, darts, ping pong, Pool anyone!!!

Working on a new TV hope that one blows up soon. Fireplace and covered the acess to the laundry room with a mirror.
Needs lots more decorating but for now we are having fun in our new room!!!!
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I like how you did the bar area. Nice save with the doors
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That's what I'm talkin' about....whoooo hooo....love it/>
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neat idea on how you built the bar. i may have to try that.
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The cabinets were unfinished and I just painted and ruffed them up.
Built the base up to bar level and left enough room for the top. It gives you great storage,
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Great job!

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What's "It's five o'clock some where"? somewhere :-)
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We now have started our utility room and putting in an exercise room. Hope we use it.
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Nice job! If you hadn't mentioned it, I would have never guessed that was wallpaper on the wall.
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Could you tell me how you installed the dishwasher rack onto the cabinet?? That is exactly what I want to do. Your help will be much appreciated!

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