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Dynaudio Focus (110 or 140) vs Paradigm Studio 40

I really want a nice set of speakers; but have not really had a chance to listen to what I am looking at above. The only time I heard Dynaudio was at Guitar Center checking out a pair of studio monitors... which really really did blow my mind compared to everything else they had. I really started to see what people meant be the "Dynaudio" sound.

A part of me really like the aesthetics and specs of the Studio 40 speakers as well.

My question is are these two brands in the same league? Am I comparing apples to apples?

What Dynaudio model is the equivalent to the Studio 40s as far as price and performance.

I really just want a very high quality set of bookshelves that image well and are very transparent.

I will even consider both companies lower end stuff if you feel it should be enough. I don't own any audiophile grade speakers so im sure the lowest would still keep me happy. I don't want to go overboard either since I am going to be using pro amps and other gear which isn't consider audiophile; so I don't want to get the best of the best and find out I need to upgrade everything else.

I plan on powering the above with a Crown 202D or 402D amp. My crossover is a DCX2496 and my subs are also going to be running off pro audio gear. My application is 75% (2.1 Channel HT) and 25% music.

If any vendors in the So Cal area want to chime in that carry both brands please do!