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Help with DVD player to DAC set-up

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Hello all,

I've bought a dac and an amplifier to work with my Oppo 971, using it both as a hi-fi set-up and on film mode, a stereo output. First use was with cds and I've instantly heard the benefits of having an outboard dac. But when I tried watching a film last night, I was shocked to hear just 'rapid click' noise. SPDIF output was at first set to RAW which I thought was the right way, and the only control of volume was on the DAC (no effect on changes made to volume on the dvd player), I was almost certain that it was. Now, when output is set to PCM, there is sound, although substantially weaker compared to CD-RAW-DAC config. I'm thinking: if I am able to now control the volume from the dvd player (PCM output), does that mean I am not bypassing the onboard dac and thus defeating the purpose of the outboard DAC (it's a Beresford, by the way)? Or is this really how it's supposed to set-up?

Help please.
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You have two DAC's and maybe a third one in the preamplifier. You are either sending undecoded data from the Oppo or decoded and converted audio depending on the setup. Assuming analog connections between either the DAC or the Oppo, the first case would be connected oppo to DAC digital input to preamplifier analog input. The second case would be Oppo to analog preamplifier input. If you are using digital connections from the oppo to the preamplifier you are adding yet a third DAC to the mix. I'm sure the problems you encounter deal with setup and input selection.

While personally I wouldn't use an outboard DAC at all, if I had your equipment to set up, I would probably connect the Oppo's digital output to the receiver's digital input for movie watching. The music connection would be Oppo to DAC with digital and then DAC to preamplifier with an analog connection. That would take the Oppo completely out of the picture as an analog converter. Just follow each connection chain and do the proper component setup and input selection.
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I don't think that DAC will pass DVD audio.

For music: CD PCM -> Digital in on DAC -> Analog in on receiver/amp
For DVD: CD Stream/Raw -> Digital in on Receiver

I believe if you want to do DVD out to that DAC you will need to downsample the music to Stereo. Or just use the Analog outs on the DVD player to the amp/receiver. That player has build-in decoding. Unless you're into DVD audio, I'd just do that. I care a lot less about sound quality with movies than 2ch audio.

If the unit has dual digital outputs you might be able to get away with doing that, one going to the DAC one going to the receiver and switch the source on the receiver based on the content/source.
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