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Wall Mounting an Aerial CC3  

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I live in a small apartment, so my solution to save floor space is to mount three Aerial Acoustics CC3's on the wall just above my 84" Stewart screen. I need to tilt the speakers downward about 20 degrees so they point towards the seating area, and I'm hoping not to have to drill any holes directly into the speakers. Does anybody know where I can find a good tiltable wall mount for a CC3? Thanks

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Why not just build (or buy) some shelves. The CC3 isn't' so heavy that it needs a huge support. MDF would be a great material and you can find some very attractive L-brackets. Just a thought, but you can finish them (paint, laminate, etc.) to your tastes and probably save a couple dollars.

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I believe that Aerial recommends against using the CC3 in an upright manner, so I guess you're saying that you'll have three CC3s spread horizontally across the front soundstage.

I would question whether you want the front mains laying horizontally, because it seems you might have information designed to be delivered standing up, while it's on its back (my way of commenting on the sound pattern dispersion). I believe that Aerial has speakers which are the vertical equivalent of the CC3s (the LR3s, maybe?), which you might consider as the front mains.

I'd be interested in hearing what others think of this setup.

Nick http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/cool.gif
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It has been done before, and with good results.

If you take another look at the CC-3 and the LR-3, the tweeter and midrange are in the exact same orientation, which is what we are concerned with. The bass drivers being vertically aligned vs. horizontally aligned is of little or no consequence at the frequencies they are used. I would readily reccomend this solution to a situation like Scott's. For the shelf, I would have one built, or build it yourself, and just put a lip on the front of the speaker so it can't slide off the front. Also double check that 20 degree angle as that sounds rather steep (10-15 degrees is more typical), but it depends on the situation. Just remember to aim at ear height, which is usually 38-42" above the floor. I would also get a foam rubber pad for the speakers to sit on so there is even less worry of slipping or rattling.

Mark Seaton
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Yes, I will be placing all three speakers horizontally across the top of my screen. A 20 degree tilt is just an estimate, I definitely plan on pointing the speakers directly to ear level of the seating area. I will indeed end up making my own wall mount if I can't find something pre-made. Ideally, I'd like to get something custom made out of welded steel that would hold all three speakers, but I'm sure that would cost more than I'm willing to spend.

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