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I'm having some IR emitter issues with the 8300HDC. I've read some other posts on it, but it never appears that the issue has been resolved. I'm on my second 8300HDC in a week (other issues) and it's very irritating.

My equipment is hidden in a closet and I have an IR eye in the room back to the IR block. The emitters are connected to a Denon 3808CI, Media PC, DVD player and the 8300HDC. All the emitters work except the 8300HDC. It can only be controlled within the room itself. It does not work through the emitter.

I checked the emitter and it does work correctly with the other equipment. I've also confirmed with the camera trick that the emitters and remotes are working correctly.

Has anyone been able to use emitters with this piece of equipment?

Thanks in advance!