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newbie question - center vs. l/r speakers  

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About a year ago I updated to a 5.1 setup, with l/r/c/rl/rr. Recently, I burned out my center channel and am being forced to make a replacement. This is my first time shopping for a center channel.

My question is, what is the difference between a center channel and l/r stereo speakers? I have a ~7 year old Boston Acoustics 80 watt 20hz-20khz in my attic (I only have one, my dog chewed out the subwoofer on the other one). It is a three way speaker with 12 inch woofer. The bass is pretty good and the highs are very good. Would I notice any major difference if i use this for my center channel instead of a speaker specially made for the center channel? Whats the difference? Thanks.
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First of all, is the Boston magnetically shielded? If it isn't, and you are using the Boston near a direct view (tube) television, the speaker will severely distort the picture of the TV, possibly damaging the tube.

Second, I'm not sure what you're main left and right speakers are, but if they're not the same brand, or even same line in the brand of speaker you are using for the center, they can sound very different. As sound is panned from left to center to right and vice versa, you may notice the sound changing as well.
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AVS › AVS Forum › Audio › Speakers › newbie question - center vs. l/r speakers