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SW12 Advice Needed  

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My Aerial SW12 will arrive tomorrow, I am looking forward to my evening!

My question is can I hook it up and play the Matrix lobby scene or do I need to break it in before I make it work for it's keephttp://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif The dealer told me not to worry about it and treat it like it's been there for a year. You know that I want to see what it can do but I want to keep this one for some time and don't want to damage it the first day.

Thanks for your help.

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Let 'er rip. Most "breaking in" is a psycho-acoustic phenomenon (i.e. it's all in your head). Modern day equipment is ready to use out of the box... call up Aerial if you have doubts.

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What is of more concern is to get it calibrated properly. So I would play a few scene's at a moderate-loud volume and make sure you have everything set reasonably, and if all is good, then go nuts on the Matrix. It's just a precautionary thing. Unless you are turning the sub up to some really insane levels, you should be able to let her rip as soon as the power led pops on. The only thing I would suggest is to have the sub's remote in hand and the level controls covered in case something unexpected happens.


Mark Seaton
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