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Original Xbox - Randomly Turns ON

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So I walk into my bedroom last night and noticed that my Xbox was on. "Weird" I thought, "my girl must have been listening to music before going to work earlier." I turn on the TV and check the XBMC info, and it tells me that it has been on for 4 hours. Well, it couldn't have been my girl that turnned it on, as she left 6 hours ago! So I turn it off, and go to bed. I wake up 2 hours later. "What is that noise?" I say to myself. I look over, and see the red light of my powered on Xbox. "Okay, odd." I ask my cat if he turned it on, he looks at me with disinterest and goes back to bed.

I turn it off and go back to bed.

The sound of a harddrive spinning up rouses me from bed an hour later. I unplug the Xbox. I sleep.

So, here's the deal. The Xbox is a 1.0 unit, and it does have the replacement power cable, which has a working breaker. The port for power doesn't feel loose, but I have not opened it up to inspect it recently. The machine also has not moved anytime in the last year or so.

Barring a faulty power port, anyone have any ideas as to why my Xbox is acting possessed?
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Open it up and take a close look near the front of the board for any resistors that may be damaged and/or missing...you may need a magnifying glass. If I remember correctly on the 1.0 boards, there are several that control power and the front switch that are between the USB daughterboard and the header for the front switch.

I have a 1.0 Xbox with the R3G3 resistor burned off (someone failed at installing a certain mod) that has no switch functionality and will be turned on by simply supplying power...an easy fix I've neglected for years.

Here's what a good board looks like in that area, for reference. And here's my bad one, if it helps at all. Sorry for crappy pictures...camera I had at the time did not like to focus on close objects.
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Yeah, I need to open it up and give it an inspection. I'm hoping that it will be something obvious that I can easily swap out the part on. The DVD drive in that machine is half-dead anyway, not that I ever use it as that machine is almost exclusively an XBMC media streamer. I may just end up grabbing a new one off Craig's List, or find another broken one to frankenstien up a machine. It won't be the first time I've had to do that!

Thanks for the pics! It gives me an idea of what area handles power control.
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Sounds like its a non-issue tho bro...why go through the hassle......?

I have the opposite problem, an Xbox 1 with a twice-replaced DVD drive (the last time I went samsung, and kissed Thompson goodbye) that now, sadly, has no purpose in life except to hold my floor down :P
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It wants you to play it...take the hint and break out a few games....maybe it will be satisfied and go back to sleep.
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Completely unrelated but, as I was recently trying to program my cable remote to work with a Sony DVD/Speaker combo unit I found that one of the Sony codes powered on the 360. Why in the world would a Sony code do that?
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Because there's no real standard for them so anyone who makes a newer/off-norm product (such as a gaming console accepting IR commands) they're bound to run into another major companies' own standards.

The original Xbox remote control's "Display" button is the same as my RCA DVD player's Power-On command.
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So I've opened up the Xbox and inspected the board. There seems to be a capacitor that has started leaking. Being 7 years old, I guess it makes sense. I'm cleaning up the board right now, thinking that the electrolytic has caused a short, causing my random power ups. Hopefully that will get it running again. Regardless, I've got to look into figuring out how to replace the suspect cap! I guess it'll force me to practice soldering, which I desperatly need practice in.

Thanks for the pictures again, Telexen!
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My console is doing the same; Xbox = unreliable
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Maybe you didn't notice the part where I said it's 7 years old. That sounds like a long time for it to last to me, especially given that the XBMC loaded on it is how we watch movies and TV in my house. My Xboxs get a hell of a lot of use!

Hell, even if this was the last Xbox ever made, it would still be about 3.5 years old, and I find that to be a perfectly acceptable time for a device to last. Just like my NES, Dreamcasts, and PS2s, I have had to put a little effort into repairing them, but really it hasn't been that big of a deal.
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Here's a picture for you guys:

Since I was already inside my Xbox, I decided to internalize the dongle for my Logitech Cordless Precision Xbox controller. Directly below the gamepad in the above picture are the guts of the dongle. You can see that I soldered the lead to the lead inside of Port 3 on the Xbox. It looks like behind the DVD drive is where the dongle will end up.

Of course the aluminum shell that lives in the Xbox was ripped out the first time I opened it, and the vertical posts on the rear fan guard have also been removed. Next I think I'm going to build an IR sensor for remote power-on. Maybe. That or internalize the DVD dongle.
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Well, the internal wireless dongle was a success! The random power up problem has not been fixed though. It even seems to have gotten worse! The machine just won't turn off now. Won't respond to the power button at all for powering off, and when selecting Shutdown in XBMC, it just starts right back up.

Damn. Gotta research caps now...
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could be Gozer
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Mine has exactly the same problem.
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So when you need to reconnect your Logitech do you have to rip the case apart again? It would be cool to run some wires from the dongle with the button mounted on the outside of the case.

Try Xbox scene for help with your power problem...
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The pairing settings are saved to flash appearantly, as without power, both halves of the pair maintain their settings. I don't forsee it being a problem, and if it becomes one, then I'll fix it at that time.
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Originally Posted by darklordjames View Post

The pairing settings are saved to flash appearantly, as without power, both halves of the pair maintain their settings. I don't forsee it being a problem, and if it becomes one, then I'll fix it at that time.

Yeah, but... in my experience sometimes battery changes will break up the coordination, necessitating a reconnect. Somebody, somewhere, had a solution for this problem where he mounted external reset buttons for the Logitech receivers on a new faceplate with a lot of other custom stuff. Maybe it was on Llama.com, I forget. Needless to say, the dude went all out on his mods.
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So, over the last two weeks I have been running miscellaneous experiments on XBMC related things. In the process, this Xbox finally got fixed. A couple months ago I actually bought the donor Xbox from some kid in a Gamestop as he walked in with all of his Xbox stuff to trade in for a 360. Offered him $25 cash, far better than they were going to give him, and got me a donor.

So, this v1.0 Xbox is still using my original case from 2002 as it is the one in the best condition, but just about everything else is donor parts. The power supply came from a v1.1 that had a dead DVD drive. The Samsung drive came from a v1.5 that had a board that would not power up, which I needed as my Thompson drive would no longer load people's heads in KOTOR. The hard drive is a 120GB Seagate from my old Celeron 1.1ghz machine. And now the board is from the donor v1.1 box from some kid I met in a store. I think the fan is original. And the plastic shells for the DVD and HDD. Oh, and the controller ports, IDE cable and DVD power cable. After taking him in to work to use our compressed-air-on-tap, and giving him a good rub down, he is looking almost pristine. I figure he'll give me another good couple of years of life before I need to harvest some more organs for him...

Maybe by then I'll have found proper mini-computers to run XBMC on.
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I was laying in bed, lights off, I was on my computer doing stuff then my xbox turned on.... Its on right now and it won't go off... Don't know what to do its been on for like 2 hours now its 3:10 am right now...
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mine has sort of the same problems, but it seems to hate the disk tray. it turns off whenever i open or close it

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