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Nakamichi ??  

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I'm not much of audio buff, but for my HT I was thinking of a Nakamichi Soundspace 12.
Any info or advice or such a choice??
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I am not too familiar with this brand, but from what I know it's quite expensive for the technical specs it offers, but on the other hand it has a very nice design.
I wish I could tell you more ...
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From what I've gathered the brand name of Nakamichi was once great and has since gone down hill. That came from more then one dealer when I was shopping around and seems to be the consensus considering you never see anyone talk about the brand in this forum.

I just recently replaced my 1989 Nakamichi TA2A. For a 2-channel receiver it was probably hard to beat in its day and I will always hang on to it (for my den, son's room or even the 3 car garage sound system). I just wanted to go to
the new 5 to 7 channel surround sound and found out Nakamichi as a brand no longer had the term "quality" synonomous with its brand name.

I could be wrong, but just my 2 cents.

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Noticing that not too many members of the forum have things to say on Nakamichi, I cannot trust the reseller that is trying to make me buy this unit. Here is the reason: I live in Italy, and Nakamichi is not well known, but the Nakamichi dealer is trying to feed me that this brand is VERY VERY popular in the U.S.
Is it true?
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Not these days it isn't.

Nakamichi has been going through an identity crisis for several years, not sure which direction they want to go....

They used to make SUPERB gear, especially cassette decks. But these days, it is competing at the top end of mass market gear and they have nothing that really stands out.

Forget about the industrial design of the Soundspace stuff, how does it sound? If it doesn't please your ears, what good will looking attractive be?


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Under pressure of my wife I auditioned Soundspace 9 about 8 month ago. It looks really well, but sound is absolutely terrible! My dau kenwood $160 bookshelf system sounded 10 times better. Design is very slick indeed, but in terms of sound quality they are 5X times overpriced compare with competition. They are trying to go for B&O and Bose customers, nuff said. Even my wife who liked the design very much changed her mind after 30 seconds of an audition.

Talking about Nakamichi, Niko Nakamichi (guy who sold his brand to current Nak owners quite a while ago) presented on HE 2001 in New York new Niko amplifiers and preamp. Talk about design+sound combination - unbelieveble! $22K for a monoblock amp is absolutely outrageous, but those beauties drove B&W 801N with great musicality and finess!
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