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M&K S150's for Surround instead of SS150 Tri's  

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A friend of mine, who's installed numerous theatre's, suggested that I use front S150's for my surrounds instead of SS150 Tripoles and then use Tripoles only for the back surround. One reason is that my sides will be on stands instead of wall mounted.

Anyone tried this? Good? Bad?


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For now I'm using a 3801. Decided to put $'s into the speakers since they're the most technology obselesence proof and deal with a better processor later.

Thanks for the info on the Pro tripoles. I'm hoping to have pricing on them tomorrow.


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Hi Aslan,

I've heard of people putting the Tripoles in the rear - with Tripoles alread at the sides. M&K does make a "Tripole" speaker that's essentially a 150THX. It was initially a pro model (check the pro section of their website), but I hear they're releasing a similar (identical?) consumer model. Could be a good alternative. I'm currently using three 150THX's up front, Tripoles at the sides, and S125's in the rear. I'm thinking of possibily upgrading the rear S125's with another pair of 150THX's, while keeping my Tripoles at the sides. BTW, I run a Lexicon MC-1 in full 7.1 channel mode. What processor are you running?
I see you're in White Bear Lake. I'm in Minneapolis. Would be interested to hear more about your system.


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I run my Tripoles on the sides - and run them in Tripole mode. Sounds great in Lexicon Logic 7.
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I run my tripoles at the sides and have a pair of S85's doing rear wall duty. (Denon 5800)
Sounds fantastic.
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I'm running a 5.1 system using SS-150THX Tripoles on the rear wall about a foot from the corners and facing forward. I have to do this due to doors on the back wall.

After experimenting, I've found in my room I get a better sense of envelopement with the surrounds in the back, rather than the sides.

Do you guys run yours in tripole or dipole mode?

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