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Wayne Dalton's Houseport for Mac

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At CES Wayne Dalton showcased a new Z-wave home automation product entitled Houseport that's specifically built for OS X on the Mac.


Does anyone have any more info on this new application? I'm specifically looking for a release date. Here are some photos of it in action:



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I wrote that story. Will get some answers...
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Apparently it's being sold at Fry's -- they have an exclusive on it for a couple of months, after which it will be widely available.
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Originally Posted by Julie Jacobson View Post

Apparently it's being sold at Fry's -- they have an exclusive on it for a couple of months, after which it will be widely available.

I've been searching for this Wayne Dalton software for the MAC. Was excited when I saw that it is available at Fry's. Went to the website and could not find it. Went to the store today and also could not find it. No one there had ever heard of it. They could not find "Houseport" or "Wayne Dalton" in their inventory system.

Also, I cannot find Houseport on the Wayne Dalton website either.

Is it possible that it is sold under a different name or not available yet.

Thanks, Pete
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Interesting... First MaControl is bought by...? And what became of that acquisition? So much silence... And now Wayne Dalton is silent...

And the void remains unfilled.

And what ever happened to Bahamut and Soup?

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Wrote to Wayne Dalton, this is what they replied:

Dear Peter,

Our website manager is behind on getting information put up concerning
the new products. Detailed information on the Mac software should be
available soon. Please keep checking the website.

Houseport is currently in production and should be available in May.

Best Regards,
Customer Service
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This is what I received today, after hounding them about it still not being on the website (as they said it was late being added):

Dear Peter,

The exact date the Houseport software and USB adapter will go on sale is not finalized at this time but it should be in just a few weeks.

The list price will be $87 and the first place it will be on sale will be our website.

According to the website manager, we will not be placing any information about Houseport on the website until the product is released for sale.

Best Regards,

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That's great!! Hopefully they follow through on this. I'd love to experiment with their software. From the photos on CE Pro it looks really promising.

Thanks for the update!
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i contacted wayne dalton about this in march. They said it'd be out in may. I contacted them in may. they said june.
it's behind schedule and truthfully, they are a garage door company and it's near impossible to find someone who works for them who can talk about the home automation stuff.
i've nagged them constantly for a release date. they've told me what's also posted above. it'll be rolled out to Fry's instore and in a few months will be available online.
won't it be great if this product ever gets to market!!!!
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You would think that with all the interest in this product (it was the #1 article on CEPro for over a month) they would at least have a "coming soon" section on their web-site. Every couple weeks I check back to see if there have been any updates but still nothing. Starting to feel like vaporware but if this ever does come out I'll bet it'll be a hit. What with all the amazing 3rd party apps coming out of the iPhone App Store every week.
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I'm starting to lose hope.... people are beginning to prep for CES 2009. Come on Wayne Dalton!!
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wayne dalton sucks. their vp has told me time and time again that this was coming. i was recently told early september. it's now late september and it's not available. i'm fed up. going to start shopping for alternatives.
if these guys are this unorganized with this product i can't imagine how bad it'll be if the product has a bug.
goodbye wayne dalton! you suck!
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I too emailed Wayne Dalton recently and got the same responses, "It will be available soon!" Are there any Mac alternatives to home automation for Z-Wave products? With everyone using Mac Mini's for HTPC's and iPhone for remotes you'd think companies would be making all sorts of great products.
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Keep in mind that Wayne Dalton's main focus is garage door openers and this product, although related in some regards, is outside that expertise. I was recently told by a third party with some knowledge of the system that the main sales channel was intended to be the new housing market (sold to contractors in new developments) so perhaps they are holding off until the housing industry recovers.

Eaton's HomeHearbeat solution was also very late to market- almost two years after the initial announcement and maybe it says something about ZigBee. That system is well executed and very mac-like in design language/implementation but it's a walled garden and you have to wait for Eaton to build any modules that are not available yet. I don't think it's designed for third party device integration. However it's relatively affordable, scales and there is a portal option for remote web control at additional cost.

I think you will always have a certain level of inflexibility and compromise at the lower pricepoints reducing the value of mac integration. We all want something like Savant (or LifeWare) for the Mac but it's not going to happen at the bottom of the price scale unless you DIY.

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saw the program at cedia. was not impressed with the gui. similar to controlthink. same available soon line.
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I still can't find anything more than vapor on Houseport. But I see there's a new tease from Wayne-Dalton: Teleport. I'll hold my breath.
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I saw the Wayne Dalton HA stuff at Fry's yesterday but still no houseport. These products look like they were designed in the 80's but it is inexpensive.

I found an Eaton homeheartbeat starter system at best buy the same day and purchased for $120. I haven't set it up yet, but it looks very nice. It doesn't have any Mac integration outside of a web client (Internet gateway is an addiitonal cost).
But it will text me if someone opens a sensored door when I am away, assuming they don't cut the phone line :-(. I'm renovating soon and like the portability (mesh network); I can use it in the rental property when I have to move out or to keep an eye on my house when the wiring, plmbing and other "higher theft" items are installed. I'll be renting in the neighborhood so response can be quick. Lot's of construction site theviery lately...

I'll follwo up with comemnts next week

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Very nice! Even though it is widget-based it looks like there's a fair amount of control.

Now if only there was an iPhone/iPod touch application for it!
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for those who have been waiting for the US hardware as I have been . . .

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Originally Posted by link91504 View Post

Very nice! Even though it is widget-based it looks like there's a fair amount of control.

Now if only there was an iPhone/iPod touch application for it!

If I can actually find some contact information for HousePort I could ask them to add simple support for my Zwave iPhone application called Zwave Commander.


I can't seem to find any information about Houseport or who to contact. We already have 3 other vendors that have added support in their product for Zwave Commander. If anyone has any information let me know!
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I have been running houseport for one year. It is unusable since it frequently crashes, usually while I am traveling. Wayne Dalton has stopped updating the software. One wants one's light control system to just work. It is a huge disappointment compared to using Homeseer about 5 years ago. I got it since it was the only zwave solution for Mac. I think I will install VMware and run a real piece of software.
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