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Different Speakers?  

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A friend of mine is building a HT. He asked me if it was OK to use different speakers. From I have read it is not recommended that you have different brand speakers for the LCR. What about the surrounds? Is it alright to have different brand speakers?

How many of you use different brand speakers for the center, mains,and/or surrounds? How does it sound?

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hi Mario,

the general rule seems to be to match the lcr, and to try to match the surrounds.

I have b+w 602 for the l&r. i started off with the small centre from them, but could hear the sound being passed from l to c to r.

changing this to the lcr6 big centre cured this problem.
as for surrounds i only have an old set of mordent shorts, which will be swapped for more b&w when i've got some spare cash.
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When I started out I had a parade of different speakers, Boston Acoustics, Infinity, KLH, etc. all mish mashed together. The end effect wasn't great.

In a high quality HT setup you will most often want to use a vendor specified matching system. They often use the same or very similar high and mid range drivers so that audio pans across multiple speakers appears to sound "seamless" (Sub)woofers are not as impacted by this IMHO but you might find some "golden eared" folks who might disagree.

Also there is the whole concept of timbre matching. See: http://www.mygale.org/tessier/thx.htm#timbre for more info. Matching drivers are important. Mix and match should only be temporary or in in a cash pinch. My 2 cents worth anyway.

--Howard, Dallas
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That's what I thought, but I was not sure.


My Music & Home Theater System
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Those who have seen my posts know I'm not much a fan of absolute statements. This is definitely one of those cases. While on the whole, this is definitely the ideal, to say that you MUST have a matched front 3 speakers is being rather blind to the compromises we often have to make in the process of integrating a home theater into a home.

The first thing I will note, is that when heavy compromises don't have to be made, I will fully agree with the above sentiments that the LCR should be sonically matched speakers. Where I question this practice is sometimes where budgetary, cosmetic, and space constraints come into play. Let me give a simple example using the NHT product line as it is reasonably well known. Let's say that our theater in question is in a family room where cosmetics are very important to the owner. Due to space and cosmetics the largest speakers that can fit for right and left duty are a pair of Super Ones. Now, due to the size of the TV, there is ample room for a center channel which would be easy to conceal. If the owner is interested in watching mostly video sources, and want's the best quality he can fit into this location, I say we would be doing the owners a disservice by using a SuperCenter just because it "matched." Instead I would install the VC-3 center channel, which is a robust, 3 way center channel from the VT-3 system. These, paired with a large reciever or separates, and a healthy subwoofer, would give SIGNIFICANTLY better performance than the Super Series combination. Is it ideal? No way, but it maximizes the owners enjoyment while being acceptable to the limitations of the application. Of course there are many other, and better examples, but the point is still made. In some cases, stubborn interior designers had only allowed for in-wall speakers for the right and left (small ones at that) and the possible "matching" center channels would have been quite a compromise for what the owner of the home was looking for and could afford. Maximizing the performance in areas of most significance is just good value engineering of a system. Of course people should be aware that their system is less than optimal, but that becomes their decision as to whether or not the required modifications can be justified. Fortunately there are no "home theater police" to arrest those committing such sins http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif.


Mark Seaton
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