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Speaker Size Settings  

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Since I got my new subwoofer, I have done alot of experimenting with changing speaker sizes from Large to Small. The optimal setting for my system is to have the fronts and surrounds set to small, and the center (the TV) set to large. When the center is set to small, the dialog is separated between the center and subwoofer, and does not sound natural.

The subwoofer is now active even in Dolby Prologic.
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This sounds a bit strange to me. What is your crossover point? If it's around 80-100 Hz, you must be listening to some scary demonic voices with such low frequencies! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif Honestly, most center channels start rolling off on their own at around those frequencies. If setting the center to large sounds good to you though, go for it.
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The frequency of interest is 80 Hz.

This low frequency only occurs in special situations where the actors are in a room condition where resonance occurs.

The center channel in my system does start to roll off above 80 Hz so this resonance is not present whe the center channel is set to large. When it is set to small, the subwoofer picks up this resonance and outputs it. Then the voices lose their location because two speakers in differing locations are outputting.

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