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New receiver with "Network Connectivity"?

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I am in the market for a new receiver, and have been watching a few with network capabilities. (When I first viewed the Dennon's a year or so ago, the prices scared the crap outta me!!) Now that the prices are coming down, I still love the Dennon's but they are a bit much for my meager WAF ability. I have been eyeballing the HK's for a while and was very close to pulling the trigger on a 347, till I spotted the official thread...
Yamaha's anyone?
Dispell my fears of the HK's? (will the new 354 end their troubles? should I wait?)
Dennon, and don't look back?
Any other good brands that I am leaving on the table? Onkyo,?? (haven't seen one network capable, but haven't looked very hard...)
Any that convert a component HD signal to HDMI?
Does the HK require their ABUS connector? or can I connect directly to my router/Desktop?

Would like Multi-room, still trying to work that out.(my house is not wired)
Budget: under 5 bills if I can help it....
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If you dont need hdmi and if 5.1 or 6.1 is enough, this seems like a very capable receiver.


It has been on Amazon several times recently for $226 with free shipping. Its currently $399.
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Thanks, I have been eyeing the 2700 at Amazon, now around 8 bills, a bit more than my budget...but that is certainly worth taking a look.
Are these last year's models? I can't understand how Amazon offers a 1500.00 receiver for 800 bux...
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