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yeah, I already read about that before posting here, but I don't want to import anything. It's expensive, as it is, even when not importing that version. Plus there aren't many of them made. So my only two hopes are the new line 2013 release and the Canadian steelbook. Otherwise I will just have to get the same old new line one witht he DNR. I felt like it looked great, so I guess DNR doesn't bother me easily. But would of course RATHER get the best version. Such a great movie.
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So much for that release. It's region locked, which is so dumb for a movie which is around 7 years old and more expensive than U.S. releases. People go on and on about how you should use a region free player. Yeah, even the expensive, buggy oppos are region locked and if you were to modify them, oppo could just undo it with firmware anyway, so it's dumb to imply people should do that. (the ones on that other site saying it) So now if nobody answers me about the quality of the Canadian steelbook then I'm down to only new line choices. And, also, a problem with imports is some of these discs won't let you play the special features, due to being in PAL Although, maybe the oppo will.
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The reality of being a film lover and disc collector is realizing that some regions of the world will get different/better versions of the movie than you will get in the United States. Thankfully, not too many studios region-lock their releases anymore. It's up to each person to decide how much their love for a particular film justifies the trouble of importing and/or region-modding their players to enjoy their desired version at home.

Oppo has no interest in crippling the various hardware region mods through a firmware update. Even though installing a hardware mod technically voids the warranty on the machine, Oppo will not deny after-sales service based on this. If you send in your player for repair and Oppo finds a mod installed that impedes their work, they will remove it from the player, do the service, and return the mod separately in the box with the player.
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I'm keeping my HDDVD, good enough for me!
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One thing that's good for those who bought hd dvd is you sure can get mighty cheap movies on it now for the movies which were made for it. I never got a chance to even try hd dvd, so I wonder still about any pluses and minuses from that war.
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And, btw, the release I watched form Netflix was fine to me, which had to have been the one with the DNR. But of course I would still rather have the better version if possible. I just wish someone here had used the Canadian steelbook release or this 2013 U.S. release to know if anything is different. Like I said, one place listed the 2013 U.S. one as dolby digital and didn't say 7.1, so I am not so sure it's the same as the other. I may buy it from Wal-Mart then read the box when I get it and could always return it. But of course the box wouldn't tell how the video is on it....
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I'm keeping my HDDVD, good enough for me!

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