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"6 Series" is confusing, since Samsung has had many 6 series such as the 69 series, 61 series, etc. I presume people mean the 650 series. I'm sure there will be some other 6 series next year.
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Same thing with the "7 Series." You had the LN-T71F series from last year, which turned out to be the A750 series this year, pretty much, with a few added features. I'm actually surprised that the 71F actually had deeper blacks than the A750 did, tho, at least when I saw them at Sears about a month ago, maybe the store configs were different?
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Originally Posted by TreyS View Post

It has more to do with the gradient shading vs the color in my opinion.

I concur. I'm more interested in smoother grading. "so many colours" are great, but I'm concerned more with "detail".

Again... all based on what source through what cables, right?

I think my new signature should be
"go for the best you can afford that looks the best to thine own eyes...and then stop shopping/reading!"

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I keep seeing the Sharp 52D64U is 10-bit, but I'm not so sure. For example:


I've seen other instances including other posters reporting back that Sharp confirms this is a 10-Bit set. Notice here the explicit reference included from description:

Advanced Super View (ASV) LCD 10-Bit Panel

By changing the layout of circuits inside the LCD panel and by reducing the number of parts, Sharp engineers developed the slim-line design which reduces depth by 25%, allowing placement of the D64-series televisions in virtually any setting.

Sharp's innovative LCD panel technology, Advanced Super View panels provide pure whites, deep blacks and a vivid range of color. The panel provides a dynamic contrast ratio up to 27,000:1 and LCD TV industry leading 4ms response time for true film-like smoothness. A 10-bit panel increases the color capability from more than 16 million colors to more than one billion colors. This means richer color and a more accurate, more brilliant depiction of the world on screen
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I checked the LCD Panel Part Numbers in the service manual. All of the B550 panels are apparently 8bit, including the 52 inchers.
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My Mitsubishi 52" LCD is a 10-Bit panel... That's another reason why it's better.
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I wish there was a comprehensive list of displays with 10-bit processing and 10-bit panels. I'm looking for one to use for as a low cost grading/editing solution. The big thing with video capture cards now is 10 4:2:2 via HDMI 1.3a.
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I called Samsung support to ask them if my Samsung UN32EH4003 LED TV has an 8- or 10-bit processor and/or an 8- or 10-bit panel and they had me waiting for 5 minutes and they told me that it is 8-bit. And it is a 2012 model...

I realize that that TV is not one of their highest-end models but I was expecting it to be more advanced. confused.gif
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Could anyone have a list of new 2013 or 2012 LED TVs that are 10-bit per channel or even higher? I personally prefer LED to plasma; it's just me.
When they market new TVs they mention the contrast ratio or even the motion rate, as in the case of Samsung, but they make no mention of the bit depth. I wouldn't want to buy a new 3D TV, for example, with a low bit depth.
Any suggestions?
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