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Two-channel audio in home theater  

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Dennis Erskine has pointed out that a room with correct home theater acoustic treatment is not ideal for two-channel audio regardless of speaker. Presumably this is because of the decreased reverberation. Is this the dirty little secret of home theater? I'd love to hear from anyone who has spectacular two-channel sound in a home theater which has THX-type acoustic treatment - and how you accomplished it. Thanks.

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I also would be interested in any real life experiences. I am considering adding some HT acoustic treatments but am very concerned as to the effect that I will have on my 2 channel audio enjoyment. HT acoustic treatment can be either expensive or a lot of work to install depending on the route taken, so I do not want to go that way and impact the rest of my audio enjoyment.
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As per THX specs, it is necessary to completely deaden a room with acoustic treatment. To stike a proper "balance" in a home theater/2 channel room treat the first reflection points. Too much treatment i agree would hinder the performance in 2 ch and in my opinion ht as well in a home listening room environment. If you are using direct radiating speakers the most common configuration is to have the front wall behind the front speakers deadened with treatment, treat the walls/ceiling/floor at the proper reflection points and to have the rear wall acoustically live. Bass traps are essential as well for good bass control, particularily in the corners. This will allow for a dual purpose room that will improve whatever you listen to.


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There is no question that Dennis is a great asset here and there are many who can attest to being thrilled with their theaters. That said, his approach is one way to do it. If 2-channel is a priority to you, you owe it to yourself to read Richard Hardesty's (from Widescreen Review) comments on www.audioperfectionist.com.

He has a subscription journal service with two free issues. If you like the samples, it is not too expensive to get the others. He is a long-time audiophile with a different perspective and some strong arguments against the THX way (and other defacto "standards") of doing movie sound. It can never hurt to get a few more data points.

Good luck.

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