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Vndersteen 5's  

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I'm curious if any of the forum members have listened to the Vandersteen 5's and your opinions.

I don't remember having seen any posts about them.
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just about the sweetest speaker i've ever heard. i thought the Revel Salons were great, then i listened to the model 5's. if i had a good room and $11k to drop, i'd have them...



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Yes, I have spent a little time with them. Only about 2 hours though. They are wonderful speakers. There is such high demand for them that Vandersteen is way backlogged on orders. You can come very close to the 5's using the 3A Signatures with the Vandy sub, using the crossover for the 5's instead of the stock crossover. But, by the time you have done this (which I have because I didn't want to wait months for the 5's), you will have spent almost as much money. If you want a truely great speaker, get the Vandy 5. Not for small rooms, and certainly not for a room that can't have the speakers away from the wall.

By the way, before switching to Vandersteen speakers I had critically acclaimed speakers that were in the $20,000 plus range for just the front pair. I didn't switch to Vandersteen because of price, but because of great music. I also was considering Revels and Wilson 6's and chose the less expensive but, much less fatiguing Vandersteen speakers.

The problem with speaker recommendations is that everybody has different tastes. My take on speakers is that they are like voices. Some people like the sound of Dianna Krell, others would much rather listen to Janis Joplin. Some people like the voice of a opera tenor, others find it sterile and want to listen to Aaron Neville.

What I like about all Vandersteen speakers is that you can listen to them for hours at any level from soft to very loud and never feel tired from them.

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Just my two cents on the Vandy's,,,, they use soft plastic polypropylene cones which "flex". This flexing subtracts fine detail in the midrange and makes the base sound thick and tubby. They also use metal dome tweeters, and some say the sound is a bit harsh. I suppose it depends on your taste. Many feel the First Order 6dB per octave crossover used causes driver overlap producing a thick and congested sound in the upper base and low midrange. With regards to imaging, they do this well on axis, but sound awful off axis.
Best bet,,,, audition for yourself. Their is serious competition in the Vandersteen 5 price range and much lower that I think produce greater sonic benefit. But your ears will determine whats right for you in your listening environment.

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