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Multiple Headsets Question

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Anyone know if it's possible to connect two Bluetooth headsets up to the same PS3? I'd like to play COD4 online and allow a friend to hear all the chat and be able to talk as well.
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Looking at the accessories settings it only allows one to be used at a time. I have a Jabra BT8010 and a Moto HS820. I have to register them separately and can only use one at a time.

For USB headsets, I wonder if you had two that were identical and plugged them into a usb hub?
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This is what you need to do. Go to Audio device settings. Select output as the Default. Plug in you PS3 Eye and use it as the Input device. Now you can just talk with out any head set and hear the reponse through your TV/audio system. Hope that helps.

PS. the USB hub recomendation above will not work.
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Thank you for the quick responses!
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I'd tell you just not to bother! Without exaggeration, in the 4 days of total time played, I've yet to have even one discussion with anyone on my side about anything worthwhile in terms of strategy. Not even a single, there's a camper in the barn, in the dark shadow part! (Why doesn't ANYONE ever warm me about that guy!) Seriously, the lack of helpful mic chat is actually very weird. (Who in the world would EVER use the eavesdropping perk!!!) Having said that, all I play are TDMs, and I've been in a party with a couple friends in here, only a few times. Basically all I hear are rap songs, someone yelling at someone (usually someone yelling at his kids) or someone yelling at the player (usually a parent yelling about a chore that has gone undone for a week.) And then there's me yelling about my convenient perception of lag.

It's not exactly a Pulitzer of crafty conversations on your headset out there.
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No, it doesn't work. I have two Turtle beach p11 wired headset for a ps3 and it doesn't let me use chat and the mic at the same time, although they can both use surround sound at the same time. I am looking soooo hard to find out how to get them both work at the same time.
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