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I would do the same. Any splinters from cutting are going to need sanded anyway.
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Cut, build, sand, stain, finish. Thats how I would do it. Will likely take longer, but thats just the way it is I guess.
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In the grand scheme of things, what's another couple of weeks?
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About 0.01%?
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Cut, fit, sand, stain, and assemble. Other wise you will be going back to "touch up" all the cut and exposed edges. Learned that the hard way.


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OK, one more.....

Sanding sealer.....yes or no? If so, when...first sanding, second sanding....? Seems I've heard (or read or seen) that wetting first will raise the grain and make 2nd & 3rd sandings easier and the stain won't then raise the grain. Discuss.
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I only use a sealer before staining. Keep blotching to a minimum.
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When I did my paneling I used a conditioner, no sanding then stain with brush then wiped off with rag (test how long to leave for desired effect). Still no sanding applied a top coat - then sand - top coat - sand - final coat. I used water based acylic finish as dried quickly and no fumes. But make sure you wait more than 24hrs if apply water based acrylic over oil.
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Well I did not use a sealer. I only sanded down to a medium grit 100 or 150, then stained. I found if I did this the splotching and irregularities were kept at a minimum. If I sanded to "baby butt smooth" I had more issues with uneven staining.

I used to use foam brushes to apply stain, but I found out that old "T" shirts do just as well as applicators and to wipe excess stain off. Once I was happy with the stain I would then do a final wipe down and then apply poly to the piece. I would then use fine steel wool go over the first coat of poly and reapply. I did this twice for a total of three coats of poly on most of my stained wood pieces.

Good luck.


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Been lurking for a few years. I live in NV and have had my share of water / sump issues that has delayed finishing our basement. In fact I'm glad I waited. First round with water was 8 inches. Pump failure, Battery Backup too slow. Good times.

I know I'm a few months late to comment on your September water fun but I now sleep better with a 2nd sump pit and a 20KW generator on the side of the house. The generator was purchased to run the sumps in the event of heavy rain and a power loss. The battery backup systems just don't have enough power to keep up with high demand. I purchased a Generac automatic generator. They actually sell them at COSTCO. You may want an electrician to help with permits and/or wiring the xfer switch etc. I subbed the whole thing out to N. VA Generator. There are many other brands as well. The 20KW was way overkill for pumps but I figured might as well keep the heat, ac, lights, fridges etc... on in the event of a power outage. Power goes out, generator kicks in. Power gets restored, generator switches back to Dominion Power.

Now that the 2nd sump pit is in (with a huge pump) and the generator I'm in the process of finalizing design for the basement. I don't care if it rains anymore. Bring it on.

Good luck and thank you for sharing your build.
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An automatic generator is a nice to have option for sure. I have a portable generator just for the purpose of running my sumps, and I'm looking to have an electrician tie into my panel so that I can flip the main, and then run my pumps, furnace, and refrigerator/freezer with the generator. I did look at the whole house option and while it is expensive it is not out of line, just not in my budget at the present time. If I were building a house I would not hesitate to include a whole house generator as a must have on the list.

While we are at it, Logan were you not working on some type of secret squirrel project or something?

I'm a member so you can tell me.


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I AM working on a secret little project. Actually thought I ruined part of it and REALLY didn't want to have to go back and remake it. I was able to save it, though. So I got that going for me.

I'm back now, batteries recharged. Literally. Yesterday I started to put up the nailers for attaching the GOM to walls and after driving in about 6 screws, the battery on my drill died. Now, I have FOUR batteries for the dang thing and one of them is ON the charger. I pull it, and IT'S dead. I go to the other two, and THEY'RE dead. Turns out, it's the charger. Run to HD and for $30 I got batteries charging like crazy. MORE POWER!

I think I can get some work done tonight. This is a stage of the project that's easy to do in small chunks, so I should get some actual, you know, work, done during the week.
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I see that April 2, 2012 will be four years since this motivational thread began. How's that working out for everyone?
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Been working for me.

How's that theater finishing going at the Heynow^ homestead?
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Well since you asked......framing around front speakers and panels on stage finished. Hi-power pull down screen cut from roller and installed on my home made frame, centered and installed. Soffet framed out in black velvet. Bottom of screen framed and wrapped in velvet. Simple column framed out, wrapped in velvet theater side, oak ply on bar side. Kreig jig is my friend. On to the side wall as soon as it warms up a little in my workshop. The Shat (Shop Cat) gives me the evil eye the entire time I'm working out there when its cold.
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SO....it's working out for you too, then?
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Yes, I am forever indebted to you, Sire!
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Motivation by Logan WORKED for me! Kind of like hooked on phonics I guess. I shouldn't, couldn't, can't, er a won't give him credit though. I would hate for his head to swell with pride.


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Too late! My head is already swelled.
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So, as I said, I haven't been doing NOTHING. After my last "consult" with Big, he pointed out that one of my problems (yeah, I said ONE. Wanna make something out of it?) is that I don't have ANYTHING finished. Everytime I go down there, I see a thousand things that need to be done, and there's ALWAYS ten things to do before I can do want I want to do to get the WHOLE place done. So after looking at it, I decided that the room divides into three areas: the theater, the bar and the hallway/bathroom/consession area. SO, if I take them one at time, I can actually FINISH something. SO I decide to start with the theater area. I had three, days this weekend. Here's what I got done.

Here's the original idea I had...make large frames and just hang on wall. Fast and easy.

EXCEPT I forgot about the lip of the stage...

AND the light switches. Which I measured to the same height as all the rest of the house. I wasn't thinking ahead about fabric panels. Anyway, I cut up the full frames and attached them directly to the wall. Like this:

I ran three line levels to get the opposite exactly the same height. THOSE pics didn't come out so good, but here's the other side attached to the wall.

Then I painted the face of the both frames just to help hide anything showing through.

Then I painted the rest of the walls. I went to HD and had them color match the original Dutch Boy paint. As a reminder, here's the first coat. Granted, I used a 6" roller, but it is VERY chalky.

I'm SOLD on the BEHR with the primer! Second coat on rest of walls:


Set up a cutting table....with a little help!

And the fabric is on the left theater wall! Still need to trim the extra fabric, but I'm REALLY pleased with the color match.

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Looks great Tom. What I'm doing is building the frames and applying the Linacoustic in the frame and attach the fabric to the frame while on my workbench. Nice level waist high working, no bending over my fat belly. Then I carry the panel in the house.

edit...glad I could motivate you with my progress.....
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Holy Theater Progress Batman! Excellent work. The ultimate procrastinator has finally started some big ticket completion items. The paint and fabric look great. Way to work things out on the fly.

I to have issues with seeing a 100 things that need to be done and then working a little her and there on ALL of those things. I have to work very hard not to get sidetracked with what I'm working on to go do something else. I find (as you now have) that picking something and working on it until completion is a very good thing, and in a way motivates you more to get other things done too.

Looking really good. Glad that Big has "gently" pointed out your ah hem character flaws and pointed you in the right direction.


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Excellent Tom! Great advice on Big's part...you really need to chalk up a run and get a point or two on the board to keep motivation going!

Excellent progress!
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Wow. Did not expect to pop into this thread and see progress!

One question, how come the framing around outlets not up tight?
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Thanks fellas!

And forgot to mention, because I forgot to take a picture, I also put a second coat of Mouse Ears on the ceiling. For that I used the BEHR for the first coat and thought it looked pretty good, but again, I'm REALLY pleased with the second coat.


One question, how come the framing around outlets not up tight?

Ummmm, because I didn't have a plan? So I made a "design decision (YEAH! That's it. THAT'S the story, a "design decision! ) on the fly. If you notice, the top of the frame ends up right at the top of the switch boxes. Then I need room for a switch plate, OR I need to raise the top of the frame even higher to cover the entire switch box+plate. There's really not much more height above the frame, so I came up with framing around the switches. It looks like a lot of room now, but I plan to add a trim (chair rail?) on top and need to leave a little extra for the switch plates. When done, there should only be about an inch around the switches.

You'll also notice that there is a gap at the bottom of the frames. That is above the high water mark I've seen in that part of the room. The reason I wanted to build hang-able frames in the first place was in case of another flood. I thought I could take them down and save them. With carpet and a baseboard it will be fine. I hope.
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Was thinking more about the recepticles not switches.
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Ahh...seemed like less work at the time.
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As far as "documented" progress >> this is a QUANTUM leap into dimension X ... !
Looks good!! May I ask what color your GOM is (looks the same as mine)
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It's the Deep Burgundy.
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Excellent - Good taste!
Hope you like it as much as we do!
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