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What's wrong with the youth of today? I remember when being LOGANED struck fear in the hearts of men...
Now, these punks are begging for it? Where is the respect the "The LOGANING" brings, anymore? Dimension X is rolling, and will soon punish those that are not fearful.
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I prefer to think of it as begging for mercey BEFORE I unleash the full power of LOGAN upon the the whiny little b@st@rds.

But it DOES make my job easier so that I can sit back and enjoy a nice Chateu LaFitte Rothschild along with a bit of camembert.
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Geek -

Where the H-E-Double-Hockey Sticks is your thread? If you think I'm going to find my thread, then find your post just to click on YOUR thread, you are sadly mistaken and I may just have to UN-LOGAN you.

I need to see some progress pictures and I'm NOT talking about potty training progress.

First page or bust!
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Originally Posted by tlogan6797 View Post

Originally Posted by tlogan6797 View Post

I think the chairs are solid. I'm more concerned about pushing them in too far and hitting and scuffing/nicking the finish.

It is hard to tell from this picture you posted of your bar chairs, but it looks like the seat cushion sticks out further than the feet. So I don't think you would need to worry about the chairs damaging the finish on the bar.

If you really do need something and can't find the metal foot rail at a price you like, I have seen some people build out the bottom of the bar with wood to make the foot 'rail' instead of using the metal rails. It is more work but I think I would look nice with the bar design you have.
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That's odd, what happened to the rest of my post?

I had two quotes (one with a picture) and additional detail, all of which got cut. It looks like it is happening in other threads as well (the last post ends with a few words and a ...).
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What I'm most concerned about is if you get the chair in too close and then swivel, the arms can hit the bar skin below the top.

The legs kind of spread out at the bottom. If a chair happend to have one of the legs pointed right at the bar and gets pushed all the way in, it can hit the bar too.

I'll have to see how it goes once they start getting really used.
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What's the estimate you have now on the foot railing? How long is the bar again? Are you planning to go around the corner as well?
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8' across the front and another 5-6 total around the sides . Al lthe sites I've looked at would run in the $500-600+ range to get something other than polished steel. I'd been looking at something like oil rubbed bronze.
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Looks like outwater plastics has an 8' kit with all the hardware for $300 and their 4' kits are $185. Both are oil rubbed bronze, but there again you're almost at $500. I don't know if the kits you've been looking at come with the hardware or not.
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Some do, some don't.

I'll take a look at that link, thanks. I hadn't looked at any plastics sites.
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Originally Posted by thegeek View Post

Thank you Master Logan. In your light we thrive. In your mercy we are sheltered. In your wisdom we are humbled.

You are now qualified to worship at the church of the loganed.

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Originally Posted by thegeek View Post

Thank you Master Logan. In your light we thrive. In your mercy we are sheltered. In your wisdom we are humbled.

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Hanes, Hanes, Hanes......

Are you repeating yourself or am I crazy? WAIT! Don't answer that!

I think I saw that in you own long dead thread.
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Originally Posted by tlogan6797 View Post

Hanes, Hanes, Hanes......

Are you repeating yourself or am I crazy? WAIT! Don't answer that!

I think I saw that in you own long dead thread.


Me?! Repeat myself?! Could it be?! After casually posting hundreds of silly pictures in hundreds of different threads over a period of about 5 years?! Repeat myself?!

AS IF !!

I agree 100% with you about the dead thread thing, but there is a strange and mysterious top secret universal truth about build threads that transcends even Dimension X:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Build thread tend to die when the build involved is FINISHED.

But SHHHHHHHHH! Don't tell anyone!


Still, I keep trying to let my sorry excuse of a build thread die a semi-dignified death. I really do. But ...

Keep 'er going, Tom.

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I thought Red Green was as dead as your thread, but I can see he rises again, too.

I always KNEW you got it. EVERYTIHNG in Dimension X comes back around.

Glad you're still kickin around.
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HEY ALL! Long time no post. So......circumstances have occurred such that as of Nov 1, 2013, I am among the ranks of the unemployed. Which gives me PLENTY of time to finish my theater. So a few update pics. Again, I haven't been doing NOTHING......


I built a "door" for the equipment closet. It's really just a frame covered in GOM, but it blends right in. Also added a few shelves for DVD/BR storage.



I've pretty well completed the bar area....







There is still some trim, lipstick and mascara but I'm holding on that until I can make a final pass through the entire basement.


So, on to the FINAL PHASE! The entry/hallways. Here are a few before pics.


The tool monster....



The doorless closets.....



The sanding room/hallways to storage area....



And I want to build a display shelf above the entrance to the bar/theater area.



Well, you get the idea. I've managed to clear out enough space in the garage to move the Tool Monster up to the garage. From this point on, all the power tools are in the garage, so any major cutting, routing, sanding, etc will be done there.


I'kl try update as more progress is made.

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Wow. Sorry to hear about the job situation. frown.gif

That bar area is looking pretty nice smile.gif
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^^^ +1
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I too, am liking the bar area...
That may just be due to the fact that on the exact same day...I also became unemployed..and all I have really been able to accomplish is, to get drunk...
Well done, Tom
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Way to go, Tom!
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Hey Tom,

How are you doing, any updates either on the theater or the job front? Inquiring minds want to know.


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Interested to see how the Tom Logan theater project is coming.

I have moved on to electrical, I've gotten an inspection done, put in insulation. One of my current hurdles is trying to figure out how I am going to wire up my outlets since the exterior wall I was going to run it through is load bearing and they threw a bunch of extra studs in at random intervals. I may just run it in the ceiling and down down for each outlet.

Also, completely unsure what to do with my return air situation. The easiest way would to to run it directly from the return air duct, but that would incorporate no sound proofing and put a massive penetration into my sound shell.
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I visited Tom's place last week. He is alive and well burning his hours on the projector with great regularity, he is down to a few finishing touches in the surrounding spaces but you know what happens once the theater is functional, remaining work happens at a snails pace, I know from personal experience, I still haven't finished my basement bathroom.
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Thx Jeff for update on Toms place.
Good luck Tom on the job front.

Via my iPhone 5s & Tapatalk, LLAP
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Hey Tom,

How are you doing, any updates either on the theater or the job front? Inquiring minds want to know.





Well, since you asked...


No luck on the job front yet. Been throwing out 50-100 resumes a week. It's TOUGH out there right now. Anyway, been doing some work in the basement as money permits. As Big says, it's mostly the small stuff now with the exception of putting in the 4 doors and carpeting  the stairs. And I think they may both have to wait until the job situation changes. I'm thinking I may go ahead and paint the stairs in the short term. Here's the latest....


Painted stairway and rest of hallways....(oooo, crappy focus!)






For reference....half the floor in...



View from same spot...rest of the floor in....(and you can see the rest of it in above pics)





Added a display shelf above entrance to theater/bar area.





trimmed out the bar....(still need to make cabinet doors one of these days!)



So I still need to add the baseboards and quarter round in the hallways, but don't want to do that until the doors are in. Still need a little cleanup in the bathroom and but it's really all minor stuff. Been using the theater almost every Friday and Saturday. Catching up on a LOT of movies!


Also, had another scare on the subwoofer...thought it was dead but turned out it was just a fuse and cost me $3 for a 4-pack at the Shack.

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Thought I'd add some door sealing stats....


One of my other little projects was to fix the installation of that heavy door leading to the furnace room. I screwed up the initial install and basically cut everything out a started over. When I was finished, I took some measurements using the sound meter app on my phone. Probably not precise by any means, but gives a pretty good idea of the results.


All measurements were for 15 seconds about 2 feet from the door.


Door installed (and closing correctly!), not sealed, fan only:

OPEN:  59/60

CLOSED: 47/48


After Sealing (weather stripping and insulate and caulk the frame, fan only, but still no casing and no bottom seal)

OPEN: 59/60 (makes sense, right?)

CLOSED: 44/45


With the Furnace ON:

OPEN: 68/69

CLOSED: 51/52


Unfortunately I didn't get a reading with furnace ON and not sealed. (Oh, well, you can't have EVERYTHING. Where would you put it). The numbers may look big, but in reality, the seats are another 15 feet away, so the drop off is pretty significant. Hmmm....sounds like another test is needed from the seated position. The noise doesn't really bother me unless there is a passage that's REALLY quiet and the furnace is on.


Overall, it's not an issue. It IS one of the compromises I knew I would have to make in my small space and open concept layout.  Once I get the casing up, I'll take some new measurements just to see if it makes a significant difference.

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Do you have one of those "quiet sweeps" installed on the bottom of the door?
Is there a threshold to seal against?
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No, no sweep. The laminate runs all the way under it, so there is a solid surface. One of these days I'll figure something out to do there.
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Glad I asked. Go to hear that you are at least doing something constructive around your place as funds permit. I hope your job search goes well and you find gainful employment sooner than later. Good luck on that front.


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Protip: It's ok to sell kidneys for construction funds, but make sure to sell other peoples' kidneys and not your own. This is a critical mistake so many a first time kidney seller will make. A little planning in this regard will save you the hassle of being all out of kidneys yet finding yourself in need of more construction funds. A world of opportunity opens up once the budding organ harvester realizes they're not just limited to their own organs and that they didn't have to sell their own in the first place.

Happy hunting!
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