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Tom, So sorry for the rain damage, that totally sucks, here's to a speedy recovery and no further damage.
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Thanks again for all the kind words.

So far, everything appears to be drying out OK. It's a little "musty" but it doesn't hit you in the face. We've called in a company to evaluate the situation. Anything less than the cost of the dricore is a bargain. I'm mostly concerned about not having to replace it. If I have to do that, I'll certainly take you guys up on your kind offers.

And upon further inspection, the new pump is a 1/2 HP, not 1/3 as I thought earlier. I don't think it will have any problem keeping up.

Maybe we'll find out today...forecast is for flash floods this afternoon.
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Hey Tom,

Glad things seem to be looking ok. Did you pull up a couple of dricore panels? If you're able to, you might want to. You wanna see if their is any water still sitting underneath and also so you can stand the panels on end and see if water is draining out from them. This is probably the best way to salvage the panels if that is the case. Continued best wishes.
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"Someday, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to do a service for me."

Ok, that day WILL come. Some of you guys that offered to help are going to be on the hook!

Got an estimate from a top company to dry out the basement. It came in at THREE TIMES the cost to replace the floor. I could have TWO more floods for that amount of money. He does say that the studs are fine and what little drywall there is fine.

I think this is a very do-able project with minimal impact on the rest of the work that is already completed. I haven't power nailed the dricore to the concrete yet. The stud walls are only screwed through the bottom plate into the dricore. I feel pretty good about being able to pull the screws and slide the old stuff out and the new stuff right back under. And that is only a problem around the perimeter. Filling in the open area is a breeze. I may need a plan on the opposite wall, but I think that can be done. I have some ideas.

It will take me longer to clean the place out to have room to work than to actually replace the floor.

"Well, my friend, are you ready to do me this service?"

First order of business will be to pull up the exisitng floor and most importantly get it to a dump. Anyone in the NOVA area with a pickup have an open weekend comming up? I want to get the wet stuff out and the rest drying out as soon as possible.
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I've got some time and a full size 17 year old pick-up that still has brakes that work.

Fact is I could park it in front of your place any time and you could start loading. I also know the way to the the Fairfax transfer station (AKA the dump)
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That would work. I can haul all the wet boxes around, too. I'll PM you.
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PM or ring me when you need some help - I should be available Saturday afternoon & Sunday......was only planning on working on master bedroom

Hey, wait I hope you didn't flood basement on purpose just to stall my progress
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Thanks guys. Sent a PM.
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Tom - you putting the work force together for Saturday or Sunday? I need to complete a few things by Monday morning before my HVAC contractors show up. Assuming I can get my wife to be flexible when she needs to help me in the basement, I can come your way to help.
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Right now, looking at Sat. PM sent.
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Mr. Logan - sorry to hear about the Hanna misfortune and also sorry that I can't make it to help in the cleanup process. I'm sure that I'd learn a thing or 2 in the process, but the woman has committed me otherwise. Good luck on the recovery!

I was away last week during the storm, but I heard it really poured depending on where in the area you were. Sounds like you are in one of those areas! Fortunately my basement survived, but I was freaking out watching the Weather Channel because my retractable screen is boxed on the floor in front of my windows!
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That's OK, I appreciate the thought.

At least my SMX material is in a box in the garage, high and dry.

I'm pretty sure I've got it covered with three extra hands and a pickup truck. It's not so much a cleanup as it is just getting the old Dricore out so the rest of the room can dry out. With two humidifiers going, I'm emptying the buckets twice a day. And it IS starting to smell musty.

My wife raised an interesting topic. The law firm she works for also manages a few HOAs. They got a call from an owner that was in the process of buying a second place out of foreclosure in the same HOA. What is the first thing the bank does when it repossess? TURNS OFF THE UTILITIES. No electric = no sump pump. This guy managed to convince the bank to give him a key so he could check out the basement BEFORE he closed. And YES, it was flooded. Don't know what the end of his story is, but how many other flooded basements are there in all these vacant houses in the DC Metro area?

Looks like a long weekend of work ahead!
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The phrase Logan's Hero's takes on new meaning.

Now I could be all supportive and all, wish you the best this weekend and possibly tear up a little bit. That aint gonna happen this time, it's time to crack the whip compadre... You and your band of lolligaggers best start bright and early to get that basement back in pre-flood condition.

Ya that's right Loganator it's your turn to be on the receiving end of the paddle, and your response should be "THANK YOU SIR MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!!!"

Tom you and your crew of misfits are officially Special Ops Loganed!!!
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Oooh.. this should be good.
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Grabs the popcorn and sits down....
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What makes you maroons think I'LL actually be doing any of the work? Why do you think I recruited three other guys (who won't be getting any work done on THEIR theaters)? I'm thinking of videotaping it as a pilot to send into to HGTV as Big suggested earlier in the life of this thread. I'll sit back in my little directors chair and cajole those guys into working for me. You know, like Huck Finn (do they teach that in school anymore?).

And by the way....

How many times do I have to repeat it? I DO THE LOGANING AROUND HERE.
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Hey Randy!

Doing anything on Saturday? I'm having a little party around 1. Come on down from the mountain. It'll be fun. I promise. Really.

I have beer.
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Ha! Not after you just exposed your stategy! (Actually, this Saturday is already booked)
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Hey, somebody had to get you back in that saddle... I do like the pilot episode idea.
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Originally Posted by tlogan6797 View Post

What makes you maroons think I'LL actually be doing any of the work? Why do you think I recruited three other guys (who won't be getting any work done on THEIR theaters)?


Ahhhhh. About showing up to help....
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Dang. Busted.
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I wondered if Tom ever had a chance to read posts 18-24 in the following thread???

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I'd seen 18-23, but not 24 until just now.

Hmmm...A Fish Called Logan.

Just don't call me stupid.
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Originally Posted by tlogan6797 View Post

Just don't call me stupid.

Or late for dinner...
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Hopefully, you can get control of the water issues so your can have an aquarium IN your basement rather than an aquarium FOR a basement.

Sorry to hear your troubles. I had water issues at my last house and would not wish them on anyone. Water issues SUk. When we looked in this empty neighborhood to build, all I had to do to pick it out was found the one closest to the sun (elevation wise) and signed the dotted line.

Did I mention water issues Suk???

Good luck with a speedy recovery (though your image is getting a bit small in the rear view mirror).

Home theater vs indoor lap pool... hmmmmmm might want to pull the electrical out of the basement first but it would be better exercise.

"Honey, I am going down stairs to wash my clothes... No, I mean the one's I am wearing."
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Since Tom doesn't have enough pictures in this thread I going to add some from todays big adventure:

First the LOGANATOR unmasked:

He's got that big grin because he suckered a couple of rubes into cleaning out the flood mess.

OK we got the first load of Floating Dricrap into the Truck

Then we waited in line to pay $15 to the county dump. Note the traffic, lot's of cleanup going on.

Well it's not really a dump just a big SMELLY building that you back into

Now I'm trying to figure out Why Brit is smiling, is it the awful smell or that fact that some goof ball thinks it's funny to take pictures in the dump?

OK, so we added the first load of Tom's crap, to other peoples crap, and now there is a bigger pile of crap.

OK, now the reason these guys are smiling is that they just finished loading the second and final load of crap and all the hard work is done. Big, Brit and the Loganator.

OK, the heavy lifting is done, no more excuses for why Tom is falling off the pace of finishing his theater this decade.
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Class act guys!!!! It makes me proud I spend so much time in front of my pc reading avsforum and to see interent world translate into real world.

To be Loganed is something special
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Man, I'm sorry I missed the party. Nothing like a hot, humid day, a wet basement full of crap and then you had the privilege to take a road trip to a hot, humid smelly dump. Some people have all the luck. Looks like you all made some real progress.

Nice work Gentlemen.
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Thanks Big now everyone can see my hair goes into tight curls with humidity and sweat.

The work was not quite as bad as I was expecting Big(Bertha) got the tiles up with ease while myself, the Loganator and the Loganatess piled them outside. Then it was not too far to the truck. The first load from floor to truck was just and hours work - with the trip to dump and back another hour. While myself and Big went to the dump Loganator and the Loganatess got the next batch up and piled them outside.

Great team effort.
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Just so people don't start calling me Bertha this is what Brit was talking about.

Just another case of the right tool makes any job easy.
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