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I emailed these questions directly to M&K 3 days ago but have yet had no response, so I was hoping that any owners of the new M&K S-150P Powered speakers could answer the following for me-

- Are the speakers grills now attached via the clip in method instead of the velcro method? If not how can I get my speakers with the clip in instead of velcro?

- Do the speakers come with customs stands as is mentioned in the Home Theater Interiors article?

- Are the speakers multi-voltage i.e. if I move countries for work/travel and take my speakers with me would they work?

- When are the powered tripole versions available as mentioned in the Home Theater Interiors article and what will the pricing be?

- Does the red LED switch off or is it always on and therefore distracting?

- Do the speakers always remain powered on or are they auto sensing?

- Do the S150P also have the switch mentioned on the back in some reviews to change the dispersion from narrow to wide?

Thanks in advance,

Spero D.

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