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Nero 8 - Burns DVDs but no sound!

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I downloaded and installed (an unforrtunately paid for) Nero 8 because I wanted to burn just simple DVDs from Windows Media Video (WMV) files I have downloaded. I picked Nero because I thought it was the go-to name for this stuff (I'm a newb at this).

I find that I can burn Video CDs (video quality passable, audio too), but when I try to burn DVDs, I get video (better quality) but no sound. There is nothing wrong with my DVD player - it plays store bought videos no problem. IN any case, the videos won't put out soudn when played on a computer either.

I called their tech support hot line ($1.29/minute) and spoke to one guy who sent me on a wild goose chase that ended up costing me $15. Called them back and the second guy told me I needed to download their system scanner and it would generate log files I should send to them. Fortunately, they do not charge to look at logfiles. My guess is that there is something inherently wrong with the software and I am paying for them to debug it.

So far I'm into these guys for $30 worth of support and not anywhere near close to an asnwer. I tried upgrading my (Toshiba DVR112D) DVD writer formware. Uninstalling and re-installing Nero, etc, but no joy.

Anybody have any ideas? This should be simple, basic functionality.
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How exactly are you trying to burn the video files? Give a quick rundown of what you did to burn it.

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Thanks for the response. I run Nero Vision 5. Select Make A DVD -> DVD Video. Get the Content screen and on the right click Add Video Files. Then browse to the WMV files I want to add and select them. Once the wmv files are in the content window, click Next. Accept the default options for the onscreen menu, click Next again. Get the Preview screen. Here's where things go a bit off kilter. I select a video to preview and click the remote control to play it, but only the first frame shows up. The video does not play farther than that. Nero tech support has no ideas why this happens. Click Next again to get to the burn details. Accept the defaults, and click Burn.

An hour or so later, the DVD pops out. I put it in my DVD player. Great video. No sound.

As I mentioned above, I get video and sound when I make a video CD (VCD), just not when I make a DVD.

After talking to tech support a few times, I've tried a number of variations on the options included in the various screens. One guy told me to use Nero Recode to recode the video to Nero Digital format first. However Nero recode turned it into PAL format. There didn't seem to be an option to turn that off.

I also tried writing the file out to the hard drive instead of the DVD and playing it using Showtime. However Showtime blows up with an illegal memory access error.

Something went wrong somewhere with the install is my guess. I tried de-installing and re-installing the software, but still no luck.
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Right, well the reason the techline guys couldn't give you a straight answer is because they are probably not allowed to tell you the truth, which is that Nero Vision is a POS. Although I haven't tried the latest iteration that comes with Nero 8, I played with it in Nero 7 a while back and it was not impressive. I only use Nero Recode and Burning Rom from the Nero Package, the rest I don't bother with.

Anyway, I am not overly familiar with WMV files, as I don't use them, but here are a few things to start with. First just for clarity, you said that the video and audio worked fine when you converted to a VCD? And you have confirmed that the wmv file by itself plays fine on your computer? (also, I wouldn't bother buring to disc until you get it playing reliably on your computer from HDD, no sense in waisting discs.)

If you don't already have it, go download the latest version of VLC ( www.videolan.org ) everyone should have a copy of it anyway. Open the resultant file you created that showtime would crash on [File -> Quick open file] and see if it plays, does it have sound? Does it show that there is even an audio track? [Audio ->Audio Track] there should be disable and at least Track 1 there. If there is, what kind of audio is it [View->Stream and Media Info ->Advanced Information] What does it say in that box?

Now do the same as above on the source file that you got off the internet to see what type of audio it has to begin with (you never know what you get off the internet). That will help you figure out what you need to transcode it to DVD compliant.

Also, while you are at it, head over to www.domm9.org and check out its many guides and its forums. That place is really good for encoding and trancoding stuff, but they tend to get a little overzealous on the technical aspects of things, so don't worry if you don't understand everything they are talking about.

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Thank you again Suntan. I am beginning to get the idea that you are right about Nero Vision. It is confounding to me how they could make a product that produces good video DVDs from WMV files but can't put the sound in. Seems quality control is a serious issue at Nero. I'll see if their tech guys can help me once they've looked at the log files I sent them.

Yes the video and sound are fine off the internet using Windows Media Player.

Do you (or does anybody) have any ideas for software I can use to make Video DVDs from WMV files? Surely there must be someone out there who does this. This seems like it should be bread and butter stuff for a company like Nero.
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Yup I have had the same problem numerous times just have to try other files
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Let me say that I recently installed Nero 8 to used with DVD Shirnk. It ruined every dvd I made. When I changed Shrink to save as an iso file and burned with something else the discs were fine.
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