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Surround Sound Chair Puts You in the Middle of the Action
Five speakers, including a subwoofer in the chair base, deliver a surround sound experience you can immerse yourself in thanks to D+S Sound Labs.

It might look like it's some sort of seating arrangement out of A Clockwork Orange or Brazil but the Surround Sound Chair is more for enjoyment. If you're cramped for space or want a headphones-like experience for watching movies and concert DVDs, this product from D+S Sound Labs may be up your alley.

The Surround Sound Chair comes with five speakerstwo fronts, two surrounds and a subwooferfor an in-your-face immersive surround experience.

The fronts use 5.25-inch coaxial drivers in a 6-inch PVC enclosure, and are mounted on black metal tubing that can be angled however you'd like.

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