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I have a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8240HDC DVR from Cox. I’ve connected an external eSATA Hard Drive (HD) using a Vantec NexStar 3 Enclosure with a Maxtor 500 GB SATA HD. The external HD is connected to the SA Explorer 8240HDC using an eSATA cable, while the SA Explorer 8240HDC is connected to my plasma display using a HDMI cable. The SA Explorer 8240HDC records to which ever HD that has the most available free space, which in this case is the 500 GB external HD. My problem is that the recording on the external HD freezes for a second every now & then, while the sound keeps going. It’s very very annoying. If I disconnect the external HD, the recording to the SA Explorer 8240HDC internal HD is perfect, but I'm limited to only about 15-20 hours of High Def recordings.
Does anybody know why? Need help/solution – Thanks in advance.