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UPS vs. Line conditioners?  

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I've read a few interesting things on the topic. Looks like if you have all the money in the world you'd just go out and get a couple of the power plant 600 power regenerators.

However, since I don't fit that category I was wondering about products like UPS pure sine wave battery sources and powerline conditioners like the Blue Circle BC-83

and Blue Circle Noise Hound http://www.planethifi.com/planethifi17/mar01bc86.htm

Regarding UPS, how would one determine the necessary VA or voltage value required by a component. Were in the specs would one look for the correct power consumption by a particular device line an amp.? For example how much power would I have to have available for a Sunfire Grand Cinema? The 200 watt version.
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You will find more speculation about the UPS products and other things at www.audioasylum.com in the tweaks asylum
There were soem posts from a few days ago.

Also www.psaudio.com has their own discussion fourm where we asked some questions recently.

Issue is
1. make sure it is a pure sine wave, no a reconstructed or approximate one.
There are some models called "Smart UPS" that do pure sine wave
2. THD- this is the killer. Eve nthe best of these ups units atre 1-3% THD, the PS audio unit is somtehing like .00025%

There was a unit called the XS STrata which used batteries, but also basically did a pure sine wave (AC-DC-AC reconstruciton) www.planethifi.com likes it better than the PS Audio.

All ofthese product are highly dependant on your equitpment, its; power supplies, your buildings, etc. so you should try before you buys or only buy with 30 day trial.

Your equiptmetn manuals will specify the power consumption of your components in watts for ampos they may specify at differnt output levels too.

You will need minimum a PS600 I bet, and more likely the 1200 for a 200W/ch solid state stereo amp. Those htings pull tons of power normally, and the PS units should really onyl have 50-70% of their potential I think. OF the 300W rating most PS300 take 270W before trying to shut down I think.

a P300 units owuld suffice for audio front end stuff (CD player, pre amp, DVD player, DAC), but would not serve fro a TV, projector, or amplifier.

US based compoennts are deisnged to receive 115V input from the wall (though walls can vary greatly). Likewise a 60Hz sine I think is what they are designed to be fed.

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Looks like that XS company is out of business or something. The alternative web site's UPS link isn't active?
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Yes XS is outta business. Ihave found two new units at a store in NYC for about $500 each.
Dro me a line and I can give you a link on Monday.

I am not sure it is worth $500 with no company behind the product though.
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