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FiOS QIP 6416 - 2 hard drive problems?

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Hi everyone:
This is my first post, so here goes.

I have a Fios QIP6416-2 in Portland, OR. I looked through the slats at the top, and it indeed has a 160GB hard drive. When I am recording in HD, its "percentage level remaining" indicator is way lower than it should be.

I read on here that the box should get 20-25 hrs HD recording, but after recording the TNT HD broadcast of The Lord of the Rings, after only 2 of them (5-6 hours of recording) it says 70% full, meaning that I only get 9-10 hours total. Is the LOTR recording just THAT high quality? Or is my box screwed up?

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How much is used varies with the bandwidth of the HD channel, but yes, you should get around 20+ hours of HD recording capacity. Have you checked to verify that you only have 6 hours of HD recording? The 6416 might have recorded each movie twice. TNT-HD is showing them twice with a re-run today. I have sometimes run into problems where the series recording default is new and rerun episodes, so it records all showing of the series over the course of the day.

If you only 5-6 hours recorded and the QIP 6416 is showing 70% full, there is a problem. First step is to try a cold reboot of the DVR by turning it off and unplugging it for 30 seconds.
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The 6416 works fine, it the middleware that is having issues. It seems that the amount of free space that you are seeing is not acurate. You have about 60% usable space of amount of free space. If you get to speak to the right rep that has done their homework, they may tell you KNOWN issue next release should address the issue.

It gets better wait till you get phantom recordings !
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