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Dynaudio 1.3 MKII vs B&W N805  

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I'm looking for a pair of speaker and I have shortlisted the Dynaudio and B&W. My problem is I can not do a A/B comparison and would like to have some advise from all of you. I'm still open to others brands as well. I'm using AV32R and Proceed AMP 5.
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There is a review of the Dynaudio 1.3 MKII in the current HT Magazine. They give them a very high rating, particularly noting the bass from such a small speaker. Give it a read.

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I can not find the link to this review, would you please give me the URL.
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Sorry, my mistake. Thearticle is on page 100 of the May 2001 issue of Stereophile Guide To Home Theater (i.e. not Home Theater).

Now you should be able to find it!


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There is no url link for the article referenced in the post above for SGHT magazine that I know of, you will need to order or pick up a copy. I have no problem recommending the Dynaudio line and really like the new Contour T2.5/T2.1 speakers too. Personally, I find the B&W less of an audiophile speaker and more harsh sounding. It depends upon other factors too like the processor and amps. Those speakers, be it B&W or Dynaudio really like LOTS of good power thrown at them. You should have at least 200 watts/channel and I would suggest 250+ for them to have the best results.

Happy shopping,


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I can recommend both the speakers as they are good value for the money. I do think the Dynaudio is sonically superior in all categories. In Sweden though there is a price difference of US 500 which makes the 805 a very good deal as well. I know though that Sweden has very good prices on B&W, so in Singapore if this is not the case and they are similar priced I would definitely go for the Dynaudio.

BR /// Rob
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The article being refered to is on the newstand so you won't find a URL on the internet.

I read the review and was pretty impressed with what that had to say about the Dynaudio speaker group. I've also read some good reviews on the B&W line of speakers.

I'd use www.ecoustics.com to search for articles. Here are a couple good links for the B&W line. Depending on budget, I'd also look at the CDM-xNT line. Might be easier on the wallet. As I understand it, it borrows some of the nautilus design.


When you get to this level of sound quality I'd say the choice is pretty much a matter of personal preference. The B&W and Dynaudio both seem to provide very good sound. I'd concern myself more with the personality of the speaker and additionally the characteristics of the hardware you're planning on using to drive the speakers. System matching will make a big difference in the final sound comming out of these guys.
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When I audited these two speaker, they are two different dealer. They use two different setup. One demo B&W N805 with Mark Levinson the other demo Dynaudio with Classe. It is very difficult to compare. Furthermore, I'm not using these two amp. I'm having Proceed AMP 5. Just wonder anyone of you have audited them using Proced AMP 5. I just can not imagine how the sound like when driving them with Proceed. Appreacite your input.
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I just audited the Monitor Studio 20 SE this week end. The dealer demo it using Primare A30.1 amplifier. The 20 SE sound good to me but what a surprise when the dealer change the speaker to Pimare L20.

The Primare L20 sound as good as the 20SE but with half its price. I have never hear about this speaker yet. I would like to hear some comments of Primare L20 from all of you.
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