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Isolated Cause of HUM...now what?  

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This evening I finally got around to troubleshooting a very annoying hum emanating from my speakers.

I have Snell K.5's for my L/R mains and the CR.5 as my center channel speaker. I recently added a Tice Power Block IIIC and Parasound HCA1000A (For Bi-amping).

At first I thought my problem was being caused by either the cable, sat or uhf feeds coming into my DTC-100. Each was properly grounded and, once removed from my system, the hum was still there!!!!

I then conducted a thorough, component by component, process of elimination and found that the culprit was ........the Parasound amp!

Currenly, I'm running the Pre-outs on my Yamaha DSP A1 into the inputs of the Parasound and the output back into the Main In of the Yamaha. I have the Parasound handling bass chores, while the Yamaha takes care of the mid and tweeter. I have MIT Terminator 5's running in between both the Yamaha/Parasound and the Snell's.

I've read in other threads that Parasound amps have a habit of introducing hum in other systems (Steve Bruzonsky mentioned having a similar problem).

I'm now in a quandry as to how to remove the hum from my system. Should I have the Parasound modified (repaired?) or is there some other hardware solution available? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Darren -
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I had Parasound amps introduce hum into my system also. After trying all the usual fixes (cheater plugs, making sure interconnects weren't too close to power cords, etc), I returned them. I'm now using a Bryston 4B ST (without a cheater plug) in their place, with no hum. I don't even have to use the ground lift switch.

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