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time for me to upgrade

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Bought my first receiver/speaker setup about 5 years ago. A 200 dollar panasonic (SA-he70)5.1 receiver and some mtx floor speakers (monitor12). Also bought the mtx sub.

After browsing the forums for a while I now know mtx is probably something to be laughed at. They have worked for me though.

I've always wanted to try some better speakers and see what I've been missing so I found a deal on polk r300's at frys and ordered 2. I do think the mtx sub does a great job and I'm going to hang on to that for now.

Next month when the economy booster checks come out I might pick up the Onkyo a-9555. Would r300's be worthy of this stereo?

I've decided to go completely 2 channel after much frustration of trying to arrange for surrounds. We mostly watch movies but our living room is just not shaped properly for full surround sound. I'm starting to wonder if surround sound is nothing but a scam except for dedicated theater rooms.

Do you think I will be happier going 2 channel especially with weird seatings arrangements?
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Multichannel can be difficult to fit into an existing living room, so going 2-channel isn't a bad idea.

But spending $500 on an amp and <$200 on a pair of speakers is not a good idea. I'd use the Panasonic receiver and buy a better pair of speakers. Among components, speakers make the most difference by far, so the bulk of your budget should be spent on them.
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Could I get something substantially better than a r300 if I could up the price to 800 dollars for a pair of speakers? I decided that you are definitely right and I'm tired of wasting money on cheap speakers.

My biggest problem is that we only have best buy and circuit city in town. The monitor audio rs6 looks to be popular here but I can't find anywhere to order online. So it would have to be a set of speakers I can also find online at a reasonable price with shipping charges.

If I spend that much money I really dont want to buy speakers ever again or until the technology vastly changes. I'm still thinking of getting the cheap r300's just so I can see how much better the more expensive speakers are.

thanks for the help
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Heck, yeah, you could get better speakers for $800. You could get better Polk speakers, at the very least. BB and CC tend to be lousy places to shop for speakers, but last I checked CC carried Infinity, which is very good. Check the dealer locators at the Paradigm and PSB Web sites, and see if there are any in your area.
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Consider the speakers at the bottom of this page.

$350 plus shipping w/full warranty for speakers that were originally $800 a pair and got a rave review in The Sensible Sound.
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I just checked for local paradigm and psb dealers in my area and can find none.
Would something like the rti line of speakers be acceptable?
I know rti8's had a lot of deals going but I can no longer find any.

I could get rti5's(pair) for 800 dollars actual cost with free shipping right now. I'm not sure how good of a deal that is considering that they were pretty much giving away the rti8 speakers.
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well that didn't take much convincing. Your talking about the beta 40's right? I have 2 on the way now.

Now I just need to deal with my nagging girlfriend for spending money.

I can't wait to watch cloverfield with my new speakers and listen to some cd's.
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