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Retail Prices for Martin Logan  

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Does anyone have retail prices on Martin Logan's current lineup? Specifically, I'm looking for prices from the Aerius down. Hate to ask, but anywhere these are sold online? No dealer within 100 miles.
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Sending topic back to top.
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Ben, I'm not sure of us pricing but the Aerius just went up to 4K Cdn... the price increase in Canada went anywhere from 10-20%

I think some one in Florida maybe tweeter had a 25% off sale on Martin Logan. Are you in Kansas? are you close to Lawrence... perhaps you can get them from the factory direct http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Good luck they are worth searching for...

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I thought of that. Called the factory up a while back. No factory direct. There is a dealer in KC. If worst comes to worst I'll drive up there, (yes I'm in KS) or drive down to Stillwater OK. My grandfather just got a pair of ML Aerius speakers. Has them mated to a Mcintosh system powered by an MC 240, which is an old tube amp 2x40 watts RMS. He loves them. Absolutely loves them. I've been poking around used and found a pair of Ascents of Audiogon. Giving that serious consideration.
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Ben, I'd be willing to bet that the Ascents on Audiogon are not even broken in yet... If you can get them between 3-4K you are probably going to save yourself a fair bit... My dealer up here (Canada) had pairs of Aerius i with 5 yr warrenty (they were show demos) for 2700 cdn...

anyway good luck! they will sound great (ps the ascents while being a new design does not have clearspar or force forward incorporated into the design...) Make sure you have a big enough room you need a good 3+ feet behind to make them sing.

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I think the Aerius are a great place to start with ML's but the Ascents would be a little better in Bass response and dispersion patterns.

I really wish I could help you get a deal on the Logans but they're hard to get a deal on. There was a guy around here who could fix you up.

He lives in louisiana.
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Thanks for the info. The fellow on Audiogon really has a very fair price on those Ascents. I am in the process of purchasing my first home, and haven't much extra right now in the way of fundage. It's KILLING me. You are right. They look barely broken in. I just keep repeating "I believe in miracles, I believe in miracles, I..."

I totally agree with you. The Ascents are the starting point of fantasyland for me. The Aerius are wonderful speakers though. I first heard them at Hillcrest HiFi in Dallas while I was down there on business. I listened to B&W Nautilus 803s as well. You have to factor for placement, room treatment,gear etc. but I really enjoyed the Aerius speakers more than the B&Ws. Especially for mid/highs. I've never heard speakers that I thought the imaging was as nice on.

Now... to find my new best friend from Louisiana...

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