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Yamaha HTR-5450...thoughts?  

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So, I'm looking to replace my 8 year old shelf system, with something much nicer, and I think I've decided upon the HTR-5450, so I've got a couple of questions.

* Anyone use this one? Thoughts?
* Where can I get the best deal? My local best buy has it for 399, but I've also found it online at www.aaaprice.com for 299. Anyone used these guys before? They have the top yahoo rating, but I'm not quite sure that means very much to me. j&r has it for a bit more, but they're backordered...any other retailer recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry for the bump, but does anyone have an opinion on this receiver or this merchant?

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I picked one up off the shelf at Best Buy last week for the price you quote. Sorry, but can't help you with an online retailers. Personally, I like to keep the option to easily return the unit on a major purchase.

I am quite satisfied with the unit, especially since I was upgrading from a Sony Pro Logic cheapie. I don't think you will find a much better receiver in this price range. The sound is full and rich even at lower volumes. One thing I like is the ability to adjust down the dynamic range so you can watch a DD movie at lower volumes without the effects getting too loud. This promotes domestic harmony because my wife doesn't like the DD crashes and explosions as much as I do. The DSP modes provide different surround effects, which are interesting, although on some of them I wonder why Yamaha gave them names like "Disco" and "Game." It has a front panel AV input which is convenient if you have a camcorder, etc. However, it does lack component video input, so if you need component video in and out, you might check out the HTR-5460. The design and layout of the remote is a little strange and takes some getting used to. It's OK, but I wouldn't want to control my whole system with it. I don't use and have programmed my Sony VL900. It would also be nice if the unit provided some sort of onscreen display, because the amber display of the receiver can be a little hard to see at a distance. These are minor complaints, however. All and all, I am very pleased. If you can grab one for $300, you are definitely getting a deal.
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